Our Award-Winning Online Singing Lessons

What makes Singer’s Edge™ Online singing lessons different from other music schools and teachers?

Our online singing lessons are award-winning. In fact, we’ve won Toronto’s Best Music School 6 years in a row by multiple awards companies! And not because we’re lucky. We have been continuously upgrading our online vocal system to be the best in the world.  We have monitored and mastered the latest developments in the most vital aspects of singing and made them easy to understand for singers!

While most other voice teachers and music schools teach classical singing, what makes Singer’s Edge unique is our unique focus and range of highly qualified vocal instructors that specialize in Pop, R&B, Musical Theatre, Soul, Jazz, and more.

As well as our amazing online voice teachers, the other feature of our vocal school is our amazing Singer’s Edge Program™, with a wealth of virtual resources for home practice. We have students that travel from across the GTA to use our program, as well as licensed schools internationally that use the program in their music schools as well. There are four key areas of the program that allow you to progress easily from one vocal strength to the next: 1) Foundations 2) Musicality 3) Vocal Style 4) Performance. Most students choose to learn the Singer’s Edge Program from the beginning, however, many choose to focus exclusively on the areas of singing that are most important to them. Still, some students prefer going through lessons without our program, in an ad-hoc, less structured format.

Our specialized and proprietary program will guide you through all the essential skills needed for singing so you can great no matter what song you sing!

“This is the only singing technique that has added value and improvement to my vocal ability.” – A.J, Alt/Rock

How Do Your Online Singing Lessons Work?

We are an industry leader when it comes to online singing lessons for beginners, as well as professional vocal development. Our licensed curriculum Singer’s Edge Program™ has been used internationally by some of the most respected award-winning singers, music schools and industry institutions.

But don’t let that scare you! Our singing system works with all ages, all levels, all popular music styles, and those with any goals – even beginners! You choose a commitment level and pace that is most comfortable for you. You even earn certificates as your progress the program!

What can you expect in your own singing lessons? Upon your first arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly and supportive front desk staff. You will then meet with your assigned coach and discuss your history, desires and goals for vocal training. After learning about you, we usually jump into a vocal assessment that demonstrates your strengths and areas for improvement. We will then discuss how to create the best training regime for you and your goals to get you on track on your journey. Then we will jump right away into some customized exercises to get your voice feeling more balanced and stronger, followed by funest part: applying what you’ve learned to singing the songs you love!

Can Anyone Learn To Sing, Or Do You Have To Be A Natural?

Many singers wonder how much singing lessons can improve their singing, and how much is natural talent. The truth is natural sounding talent comes from experience and practice. To make it easier for you, our voice lessons are based upon over two decades studying singing technique so you don’t have to think how. Our custom designed exercises will guide you to mastery and sounding like a natural!

  • You get to experience the immediate results of our exercises making voice lessons easy and fun!
  • You will benefit from the use of these time-saving singing techniques gathered from years of work alongside the top international vocal coaches in the music industry.
  • In your voice lessons, your voice will be continually assessed.  We will help you discover and balance the low and high parts of your voice together to reveal one powerfully strong, modern sounding singing voice with no breaks.
  • By applying the techniques from our voice lessons, you will discover vocal range you never knew you had, and you will learn how to sing correctly to support and build your distinctive singing style.
  • Sing across your complete vocal range, often 3 to 4 + octaves in developed singers with great confidence and vocal power, often after only one or two voice lessons!
  • Our unparalleled training and highly focussed voice lessons will continue to grow with the fastest, most up-to-date techniques from the world of voice to help you to uncover even greater potential and your unique style.
  • Our voice lessons adapt to your unique needs and desires!

Will singing lessons change my unique sound?

Singing lessons should not interfere with your unique sound. High-quality singing lessons should support and improve your natural sound, to bring it out more, not diminish it.

However, some singers may be limited by their own vocal habits causing them vocal strain. If your goal is to achieve a certain range, quality, skill, or sound, but your vocal habits limit your ability to achieve those things, then you may need to change the approach of your habits, but that shouldn’t interfere with your unique sound.

Some students wonder if classical voice lessons will interfere with a students ability to sing popular singing styles. Classical voice lessons can be very beneficial for improving one’s breathing, range and fullness of sound. The main different is that pop singing styles are quite different from classical, so that some things that are emphasized in classical vocal styles are not so important in popular styles, and vice versa. Fortunately for you, all of our teachers at Singer’s Edge have professional careers and education in contemporary singing styles, so you will feel supported by all of our teachers here.

What Are Other Benefits Of Learning Singing?

Study after study have shown that lessons have a profoudn effect on improving your brain and much more! Learn more about some of the more important studies on how singing lessons can improve well being below:

  1. One study found that group singing lowers stress, relieves anxiety, and elevates endorphins. Group singing has also been found to build a sense of community and shared endeavours.
  2. Through this neurochemistry of music study, singing was found to provide substantial benefits like decreased levels of stress, increased sense of community, and stimulates the release of dopamine which in term creates lower rates of addictive drug use.
  3. This study found that singing helps to increase the use of expressive language, improved cardiovascular function, and improved emotional regulation.
  4. Another study found that music training is likely to improve verbal communication skill more than actual phonetics!
  5. Stronger, more coordinated hand muscles are developed by musicians who learn piano, giving them a marked advantage in skills that require more hand dexterity, as well as increasing eye-hand coordination.
  6. In one University of California study, students who developed piano and computer skills performed better on math skills than those who didn’t.
  7. After one year of lessons, one study found that students studying music had improved memory correlated with general intelligence skills.
  8. Another study says showed that musicians don’t typically experience a age-related degeneration of hearing the way non-musicians do.
  9. Improved Grades & Test Scores. One study shows that middle and high school students who study music far out perform their peers who do not study music in standardized general education tests.
  10. Physician and biologist Lewis Thomas studied the undergraduate majors of medical school applicants. He found that 66% of music majors who applied to medical school were admitted, the highest percentage of any group.
  11. But if all that’s not enough, nothing beats the shear joy of making music in itself. Increased emotional health is also experienced. Many musicians similarly experience feelings of spirituality, tranquility, and deeper emotional connections and experiences as well , including conveying emotions vocally, as explored in this article.
  12. Playing an instrument increases your social interactions with others as you learn to play as part of a team of musicians.

What happens when you register for singing lessons? We will learn more about you, confirm a regular weekly time, and take payment. Then, upon arrival, you’ll meet our staff, take your first lesson, and explore the free group classes and performance opportunities available for you.

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