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Our Guitar Lessons Are Made For You

Our guitar teachers use a wide range of curriculums when working with students, and will work with you to create the best program for your learning style and goals.


Guitar Lessons For Kids

Our guitar teachers love working with kids! We have a range of guitar lesson programs that we use that are designed specifically to maintain a children’s interest and focus. 


Guitar Lessons For Teens

Giving the student an opportunity to learn popular songs or a song of their choosing maybe more enjoyable and usually leads to more dedication and practice time.


Guitar Lessons For Adults

We understand the challenges adults face to practice and make guitar lessons a part of their lives in a meaningful way. We will work with you to find the right process for you.


Beginner Guitar Lessons

Our instructors are known for their supportive and encouraging teaching styles. We will assess your skills and help you make music as fast and as easy as possible.


Classic & Jazz Guitar Lessons

From the disciplined skill of classical guitar, to the mind bending improvisation and modal scales and rhythms of jazz, we have the best guitar teacher to suit your needs.


Pop Guitar Lessons

Many of our guitar teachers have toured the world professionally & understand  the music industry. We can give you the experience you need to get started right!


My son loves his guitar lessons

My son loves learning piano and guitar. He has maintained his enthusiasm over time, which I understand is not so common among young children. I like that the Academy is so welcoming for kids of all ages. Also very flexible. Good communications with very friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Sam Grayhurst

What makes Us Different?

At Singer’s Edge, everyone from the front desk to your chosen teacher cares about you and your music journey to ensure you reach your goals. 


Benefits Of Guitar Lessons

Guitar develops your creativity and expressiveness using a portable instrument you can take anywhere!

Starting Guitar Lessons

You do not need an expensive guitar to get started! Ask us about quality starter guitars!

Your First Guitar Lesson

At your first lesson, we build a relationship exploring your interests and goals while starting exercises.

Various Teaching Styles

Our teachers are flexible in their style and experience for a wide variety of learning styles and goals.​


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our guitar lessons below:

Why choose guitar lessons over other instruments?

Online guitar lessons provide a wonderful opportunity for students to learn the songs they love, learn how to express themselves through this beautiful, portable instrument, and become the life of every party! The guitar is a fascinating instrument that can be played in so many exciting ways. There are many kinds of popular guitar playing styles including classical guitar, the shredding of electric guitar, or the upbeat rhythms of acoustic rock.

Students often come into guitar playing after having discovered how playing guitar can unite all kinds of random groups of people in song, positioning the guitar player as bridge builders and creative leaders in their social groups.

What age should you start guitar lessons?

Many of our guitar students are 5 or older, and many more are teenagers as well ad adults! There is no right age for everyone to start learning guitar. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the strength of the hands, although even this can be developed with time.

Since a full size guitar often has a neck of two feet, children often need to start with smaller size guitars, to match their smaller body sizes. The general, recommended guitar sizes for chilren are as follows:

  • 5-8 years of age – 1/2 size
  • 8-12 years of age – 3/4 size
  • 12-adult – 4/4 of full adult size. is a great resource for shopping for smaller guitar sizes.

What are some of the benefits of learning guitar?

Guitar lessons are a great way to experience all the amazing benefits of learning music, even from the comfort of your home! Our Toronto guitar lessons are adapted for each student so they learn in a way that is best for them. Our guitar teachers use a wide range of curriculums when working with students, and will work with you to create the best program for your learning style and goals. Many of our students practice to play the songs they love on guitar, other guitar students learn songs to play in bands, accompany themselves as they sing, or play for their own enjoyment.

Guitar lessons also develop your creativity, expressiveness, and problem-solving skills. Also, the psychological skills developed including focus, patience, diligence, creativity, and expression, are useful in almost every area of adult life.  Students of all ages can enjoy the benefits of learning guitar. Students of all ages can enjoy the benefits of learning guitar. For tips on how to improve your guitar playing, see our tips post here.

There are many benefits of learning guitar: It’s an instrument you can take anywhere; it can be an accompanying instrument, a solo instrument, or a part of  ensemble; it works for every musical situation; and the guitar can be played in every style of music.

What are guitar lessons like?

During your first lesson, your teacher might ask you to play so they can assess your skill level and dexterity. If you had never played guitar before our teachers are very patient. We will start at the very beginning: You will learn how to hold the guitar, how to sit when playing the guitar, and how to adjust the positioning of your hands when playing guitar, and get continual improved sounds out of your guitar. Even after your first lesson, you will be able to get you to a point where you can play something, either a chord or basic melody!

How Our guitar Lessons Help
  • Expert Coaches.
  • Contemporary Styles.
  • Learn Control & Coordination.
  • Learn To Accompany Yourself!
  • Relieve Finger Tension.
  • Learn Basic Music Theory
  • Read Music Notation & Tablature
  • Learn Open Position Notes & Chords
  • Learn A Variety Of Strumming Rhythms
  • Learn To Tune Your Guitar By Ear
  • Learn Barre Chords
  • Learn Major, Minor, Pentatonic, & Extended chords.


Features Of Our Lessons
  • Guitar Coach Experts.
  • Pop/Rock/RnB Focus.
  • Private & Group Lessons.
  • All Ages & Levels.
  • Supportive Community.
  • Develop Confidence.
  • Explore Your Creativity.
  • Discover Your Own Style.
  • Perform With Our Band.
  • TTC & Hwy Accessible.
Suggested Frequency Of Guitar Lessons

Depending on your goals and/or requirements, a private lesson with a minimum of 1 half-hour lesson a week is suggested to maintain fast, consistent progress.

Some students come for lessons every other week, depending on their availability, budget and goals.

Some students with time or professional commitments may come twice or more a week for lessons to ensure rapid progress

The frequency of your lessons is up to your own commitment, time availability, and budget.

Almost all students notice improvements in their playing after just the first visit… so be prepared for an exciting experience!

What is the first guitar lesson like?

We have a spare acoustic guitar at the studio, but you are welcome to bring own, if you prefer. You are welcome to record the session on your own smartphone, if you wish. You might also want to think about:

  • What aspects of your guitar playing you’d like to improve on the most (it’s ok if you don’t know!)
  • Is there a verse and a chorus of a song you feel comfortable playing (although you won’t have to play it if you feel you’re not ready)
  • What your goals are for playing guitar?
What do you need to start guitar lessons?

To get started you all you need is yourself and an open mind. The school has plenty of guitars available so that you can learn about what kind of guitar is best for you. Then you can better equipped when choosing to buy one for your own practice.

What makes singing lessons at our academy different from elsewhere?

Our guitar lessons are different then anywhere else because our staff can cater to any need. From experienced professionals tightening their skills to beginners who had never played before we have a skilled teacher to match your needs.

We have teachers from around the world from various colleges and universities. Many of our staff had studied under many famed musicians, learning various styles from the creators themselves. Our teachers are all carefully screened and vetted providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Our teachers love passing on their expansive knowledge gained from extensive schooling. Students will benefit from difficult challenges by learning from our teachers personal professional experiences.

How qualified are your Toronto guitar teachers?

If you’re considering starting Toronto guitar lessons, it’s helpful to know the kind of guitar teacher you learn best from, and to find the best guitar teacher and a supportive learning environment that is in your local Toronto area. Most students benefit from a teacher who is fun to be with, has a warm personality, has a wealth of experience, and who supports and inspires you in your guitar lessons to get better. More importantly, it’s often helpful to learn from a teacher flexible in their playing style and experience so they can accommodate a wide variety of learning styles and goals for each individual student.

Our guitar teachers are carefully selected from across the city for their educational background, their professional experience, and their wonderful personalities! All of our teachers are also police checked and reference checked, and we keep video cameras in all lesson rooms as part of our comprehensive family safety program. Each one brings a wealth of professional and academic experience in just the right balance to really help you explore your potential in a safe, productive environment. We have many guitar teachers (both male and female) between both locations, so we most definitely have a teacher that will be the best fit for you.

How does a guitar make sound?

Each of the 6 stings on a guitar have to be tuned exactly right to sound it’s best. Shorter and/or thinner strings produce a faster vibration, and higher pitches, while longer and/or thicker produce a slower vibration and lower pitches. So the 6 strings of a guitar are composed of different thicknesses and lengths of strings.

Guitars can be strung with either nylon or steel strings. By pressing down and shortening any of the vibrating strings with your fingers, you raise the pitch of the vibrating string. By doing this with 2 or more strings at a time, you produce  a chord – multiple notes being played at once!

5 Things To Expect During Your First Guitar Lesson
  1. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly and supportive front desk staff.
  2. You will then meet with your assigned coach and discuss your history, desires and goals for guitar lessons.
  3. After learning about you, we usually jump into an assessment that demonstrates your strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. We will then discuss how to create the best training regime for you and your goals to get you on track on your journey.
  5. At the end of your first lesson, if you’re interested in taking out a voice lesson plan, our front desk team will make sure to book you a preferred slot with your assigned guitar coach so we can set you on your journey. We usually do a good job of assigning you a specific coach that matches your needs, but if you feel like you’d to take lessons with other coaches, let us know! You will also have the option of registering for live band performance events, whenever you’re ready.
What You Might Discover!

In order to develop your voice the fastest, you may expect an emphasis on the initial lessons in giving you:

  • a basic knowledge of guitar
  • customized systematic exercises to condition your hands and fingers for healthy and efficient singing
  • progression and application of exercises to songs

For more experienced players, be prepared to:

  • have a song ready that shows off your strengths
  • tablature or notation for songs you want to work on
Benefits Of Learning Guitar

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur Music lessons, and more specifically, guitar lessons, have been shown in many studies to increase intelligence, creativity, and emotional communication. Guitar lessons have also been proven to improve the social lives of both children and adults. Being able to play guitar also means you’re more likely to have a better selection of potential mates who find you interesting! Learn more about how guitar and music lessons benefit both children and adult brains! elit. Optio, neque qui velit. Magni dolorum quidem ipsam eligendi, totam, facilis laudantium cum accusamus ullam voluptatibus commodi numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

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Our guitar teachers are carefully selected for their educational background, professional experience, and their warm personalities.


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Guitar Lessons Consistent With My Goals

“I thought it was very comprehensive, and I liked how my teacher, Toby, was able to make a lesson plan that was consistent with my goals as a guitarist and singer.”

- Luca Colasanto