Promoting Your Music: 5 Free Tips for Success

Congratulations on completing your first original song! Now that your artistic masterpiece is ready, it’s time to make sure it reaches as many ears as possible. Promoting your new music can be a challenge, but fear not—we’re here to guide you with our top 5 ways to promote your song for free!

1. Post on Social Media

Having a robust social media presence is crucial for today’s artists. Ensure you’re on as many platforms as you can manage, as your audience may differ across them. Consistency is key; since less than 20% of your followers see each post, regular updates throughout the day can help you reach a broader audience.

For a specific plan, check out music marketing guru Jesse Cannon’s social media rollout plan for a new single release here!

2. Email Blogs and Local Radio

Tap into internet blogs and small radio stations to expand your audience. Websites like SubmitHub and Groover allow you to submit your music for consideration. For radio exposure in Canada, Earshot Distro is a valuable resource. Additionally, research artists similar to you, find where their music has been featured, and create a list of potential outlets to reach out to.

3. Ask Friends and Family to Share

Leverage the power of personal connections—people are more likely to check out something recommended by someone they know. Be confident in asking friends and family to share your music with those who might enjoy it. This personal touch can significantly increase your chances of growing your fanbase.

4. Perform Live

Live performances might seem old-fashioned, but they remain one of the best ways to engage with the local music community and boost awareness of your art. A compelling live performance can turn unfamiliar listeners into devoted fans. There’s something special about witnessing artists perform live that enhances the connection with your audience.

5. Don’t Be Shy—Spread the Word

If you want people to hear your music, make sure they know you’re a musician! Many artists overlook the simple step of mentioning their creative pursuits when meeting new people. You never know where a connection might lead, so seize every opportunity to share your passion. Word of mouth is unparalleled in its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Closing Notes

We wish your new music releases tremendous success and implementing the tips from our top 5 ways to promote your song for free!If you’re looking to ensure your new single is the best it can be, consider working with one of Toronto’s best vocal coaches. Contact us today for more information!