Toronto’s Best Music School Comparison

Toronto is a vibrant city, a beacon of activity that draws in the best of the best. With such a plethora of talent and diversity, making choices is hard! Whether you’re trying to decide the best Turkish restaurant to dine at or the best boxing club to join, the options can feel endless.  

While we can’t help with those choices, we can definitely help you compare the city’s best music schools and find the best fit for you or your family. 

Below is a thorough review of the top music academies in the city, comparing their features and educational focuses.

Don’t think we went easy on ourselves either, take a look and see what’s out there!

While a chart is great for quick comparisons, it’s difficult to compare the things that Singer’s Edge do that no other school in the city does!

  • We offer unlimited free group classes! The group classes for every other school compared have a price attached to them. Thanks to our free classes, our schools have also become great places to network and meet likeminded musicians, singers and artists.
  • We offer free photo days with a professional photographer. We also offer free recitals put on at beautiful venues, complete with a red carpet experience!
  • We teach contemporary singing using our very own Singer’s Edge Program, a step by step method to achieve your vocal goals. Developed by our Director, a renowned vocal coach who has worked with numerous stars including The Weeknd, Drake’s Majid Jordan, and Canadian indie rock stars Hollerado.
  • Both of our schools have won multiple Consumers Choice, Top Choice, and Three Best Rated awards.
  • Our locations are easily accessible, our downtown location being in the heart of the entertainment district core and our midtown location smack in the middle of midtown’s Eglinton Way!
  • Our faculty are highly qualified, active in the music industry, and diverse, ensuring that we have the teacher who can help you achieve whatever you wish.
  • We don’t lock students into contracts, withdrawals can be made anytime before the 15th of a given month.
  • Our make up lesson system is more flexible than any other school reviewed.
  • Most importantly, our Front Desk Team, Teaching Faculty and Director are all extremely passionate about music education. We put everything we have into providing our students the best music lesson experience in Toronto!

Feel free to email, call or text us at 647 347 7464 for more information or to get started today!