A Powerful Lesson Book & Online Practice System For All Ages!

Record Your Songs & Share Them With The World!

Let us guide to towards writing and producing your own songs in a welcoming recording studio designed just for singers!

Lesson Book System

Singers Edge Program Lesson Books Cropped

Our exclusive lesson book system makes learning modern singing styles a breeze to learn! Designed for beginners to advanced singers, this system is for all ages!

Online Practice Scales

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Over 100 exclusive, customizable practice scales you can only find here! They are designed to make your home practice easier than ever! Builds your vocal range, musicianship, and style. 

Achievement Certificates

Certificate of Achievement

Earn certificates as you complete each level of the program!


Always more to learn, and things to polish.

“Over a period of two years I have been able to develop my vocal skills under careful guidance, working through the Singer’s Edge Program™ with my teacher. There is always more to learn, and things to polish.”


What Makes Our Program Different?

The program guides students of all ages and abilities to a strong & practical foundation for pop, rock and R&B singing styles step-by-step, emphasizing key vocal skills, musical development, unique style and building repertoire.


Adaptive For All Abilities

The program can be explored by beginner, intermediate, and advance student levels.

Methods Used By Stars

Learn the same techniques in pop, rock, r&b, and musical theatre as used by stars loved by everyone.

Popular Singing Styles

Our program was designed to accomodate all popular styles of singing like pop, rock, and soul.

Customizable Strategies

Adapt the program as you wish! It is designed to be flexible to accomodate all needs.

voice student and voice teacher earning singing certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Singer’s Edge Program™ below:

When Happens When I Enrol In The Program™?
  1. Your vocal lessons will continue as usual, except your lessons will be more structured as a singing course so that you progress linearly rather than randomly. In all of our lessons, we aim to spend 50% of your lesson time working on new skills, and 50% of your lesson time applying them in songs.
  2. Your coach will work through each skill with you in each module in your lessons and assign you homework.
  3. When you complete all the skills in each of the 3 modules in the level you get the rewards for that level.
What's the difference between a Singer’s Edge Program™ voice lesson and a voice lesson not using the program?

A: It is always suggested to use a strong reliable program for learning any musical instrument. However, learning popular singing can be a very complex process and our program is the only compressive system in the world that guides students safely and effectively. The program creates more structured learning through a wide variety of skills in an appropriate order that are required for popular singing styles. When you start on the program, key skills are taught first before moving on to gradually more complex skills without missing the most fundamental elements like you might in a non-program lesson. Because development is more thorough on the program, you can expect more in depth work for deeper learning and authentic talent development.

How will I know if I’m improving?

A: You will experience immediate improvements quickly and safely after the very first lesson as your singing noticeably improves! What makes this program different than any other available today, is you will be able to actually follow the big picture of your development, and understand and feel how each of the skills learned in each lesson are relevant to your singing goals.  It also allows you and your family to more easily and clearly track where you are in your growth, providing built-in accountability, and visual tracking cues. 

How long does the Program take to complete?

Most students progress at a pace of one skill per lesson, while other more advanced students may progress more quickly. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced streams in the program which can alter the depth of learning that are desired and required before advancing. It depends entirely on the stream you are interested in, how many skills you’ve already gained, how deep those skills have been learned, how much you practice, and how frequently you have lessons.


Do I have to enrol on the program? 

Absolutely not! You are more than welcome to carry on with our coaches in your lessons guided by your own interests.

Dedicated Team Of
Music Professionals

Our team are carefully selected for their educational background, professional experience, and their warm personalities.


We Guarantee the Best Music Industry Professional For You.

With over 30 carefully selected music teachers between 2 locations, we guarantee to have the best teacher match for you! We aim to provide a great experience for you and your family, or get your money back.


Extremely useful for the beginner

“I find that the Singer’s Edge Program™ is extremely useful for the beginner. Especially the first module which deals with basic notes and pitches and range.” 

- Zaafir C.