Academy Highlights

Explore some of the features of our academy that you can only get here!

Singers's Edge Program™

We inspire our students to learn more. Our powerful program guides students of all ages and abilities to a strong & practical foundation for pop, rock and R&B singing styles step-by-step, emphasizing key vocal skills, musical development, unique style and building repertoire.

Lesson Books & Certificates

Our Lesson Book series helps singers of all ages achieve “effortless" sounding singing.

Online Practice Scales

Over 100 customizable practice scales to make your practice at home easier than ever!

Group 7@2x

Virtual & Live Performances

Our winter and summer performances are your chance to build experience with live musicians in front of an audience, in a supportive, outrageously enjoyable environment.

Free Group Classes

We believe that supplementing your private lessons with group education is important if you want to speed up your growth. No other school includes such a wide range of group classes included FREE with your private lessons.

Group Classes

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Group 7

Photo Days

Ready To Strike A Pose?

All students get to partake in our twice-annual photo day at Toronto Arts Academy, free for all students! It’s a great opportunity to get professional-styled shots of you singing or playing on your instrument. You will receive digital prints of your best photos chosen by our photographer.


We’re proud to have won Toronto’s Best Music School every year since 2014 for central Toronto. We are grateful for our students who have made this possible! 

About us

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where our students can build the musical skills they can enjoy for a lifetime. We’ve invested heavily in building a community of supportive, fun and friendly staff that all believe in that goal. 

Our academy values individualized learning where students can build essential creative skills and learn to exercise that creativity so they can experience a lifetime of success in any area.

Over 500+ Happy
Students and Parents

Don’t take our word for it! Explore the hundreds of feedback reviews our families have shared with us over the years. 


I have developed my vocal skills under careful guidance

“I have been able to develop my vocal skills under careful guidance, working through the Singer’s Edge Program with my teacher. There is always more to learn, and things to polish.” 

- ML T.

Academy Tour

There’s always something exciting happening at our academies! Come explore what we’ve been up to! 

Meet Some Of Our Music Teachers

With so many amazing teachers to choose from, we have the best teacher-student match for your age, instrument, interests, learning style, and schedule. 

Our unique Teaching Methodology

Our diverse faculty incorporate a wide range of educational methods to ensure you are challenged while keeping your learning fun!


Individualized Programs

While some schools enforce one musical curriculum and agenda, we do not. Our teachers draw on a range of curriculums while customizing each one for every student. You are not cookie-cutter and your musical experiences shouldn’t be either.

Explore Your Creativity

There’s more to creating musical experiences than reading notes and playing “right”. We encourage our students to go further. By learning to more fully embody and express their own unique character, they tap a much more important life-skill: Authenticity. 

Group 18
Group 19@2x

Blended Learning Formats

Students learn best with an array of learning formats that challenge them to incorporate their learning in new ways. Our academy incorporates both private lessons and group learning within our students own age groups, so you’re always meeting other students, and partaking in many ways within our musical community!

Two Convenient Locations

We have two easily accessible locations in both downtown and midtown Toronto.

Toronto Downtown Location

Toronto Midtown Location