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Are you hesitant to sing? Do you feel like feel like you don’t have a good voice? Wonder if you’re “good enough” for voice lessons, or  find them intimidating?

Getting Started with Voice Lessons

Do you like the idea of exploring your singing but have a few hesitations about it? Do you feel like you’re a million miles away from having a good voice?  Do you worry about whether or not you’re good enough to have voice lessons or find the idea of high-quality vocal training intimidating? Do you feel so shy about singing that you’re not even sure if you can sing in front of a voice coach?

Don’t Worry. We  Get It.

Many of the singers that come through our doors don’t have a lot of singing experience either. Afterall, there aren’t many opportunities in our modern lives for us to get these experiences, especially when we’re so busy with work and family. But if you’re anything like us, the urge to learn how to sing has probably overtaken you at some point, and you’ve maybe decided that now, it’s time!


Beginner Vocal Program

If you’re anything like us, the urge to learn how to sing has probably overtaken you at some point, and you’ve maybe decided that now, it’s time! We are proud to feature singing lessons for beginners in a friendly, supportive, but professional environment with our breakthrough system for learning singing. 

Our beginners singing program was created to help beginning singers with their singing using the latest methods from specialized vocal coaches.Why not get started with weekly lessons to start to keep you on track to your goals. Whenever you’re ready, jump in and perform at one of our performance classes and gain valuable feedback and performance experience.

Feeling Safe & Supported

It’s hard to find a place where you feel both a part of a community and where you feel steady growth when working with rock, pop, or rnb with a voice coach. 

That’s where we come in. We understand what its like to feel like you’re starting from the bottom. And it’s no sweat. Most of our students find as soon as they walk through our doors that they feel like they fit in right away! That’s because we make sure that we keep a positive, supportive environment in our academy. Everyone feels safe and free to explore their voice without feeling judged or feeling like they aren’t good enough to be here.

We know that everyone has something unique to bring to the world, and we’re committed to helping everyone find their own voice and have fun, no matter what level they’re at.


Friendly and supportive singing lessons

“Matt really knows his stuff and is able to break it all down for a beginner such as myself. One of the things that I was worried about as a beginner was what the coaches might be like. I thought I would find myself very intimidated by such experienced singers. With Matt that impression was shattered right from the first lesson. I am beginning to notice a difference in my singing.”

- V.D.C.

What makes Us Different?

At Singer’s Edge, everyone from the front desk to your chosen teacher cares about you and your music journey to ensure you reach your goals. 

Private Voice Lessons

We cater your voice lessons to you and for your voice. Develop confidence, poise, expression, and language skills that drive success.

Group Classes

Every week we feature lots of free drop-in bonus group masterclasses for you to get extra learning at no extra cost!

Biannual Performances

Twice a year we put on fun performances so you can get onstage in a supportive environment and gain experience

Free Performances

When you have a bit of confidence under your belt, register for one of our free, super fun performances.

Singer and guitarist in recording studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our piano lessons below:

How Do You Know What Instrument To Learn?

We understand that everyone has unique learning needs. That’s why all of our teachers work hard to tailor their lessons to the age, skill, and learning style of every student that comes through our doors. We choose from a range of programs, and adapt to you and your goals.


Can I try other instruments?

We’ve got even more great news for you! While we would love to see you really sink your learning into one instrument you will love, many of our instructors teach multiple instruments, and we have a wide-range of make-up classes that you can drop-in on for every instrument. This means if you are feeling drawn to a new instrument,  you’re welcome to try a few others at any time! Since we have over 40 of the best music teachers between in the GTA, you have even more opportunity to try all of the instruments we teach here including: piano, voice, guitar and drums. Some of our teachers even teach ukelele, bass, mandolin, trumpet, and more! Not sure if we teach an instrument? Just ask!

How Do Lessons Work At Your Academy

Music lessons at our academy are all private and are usually 30 mins each, which most find is just enough time to learn lots of new concepts and thing to practice on without getting overwhelmed or losing focus. However, more serious students may come twice weekly, or for hour-long lessons. We also feature lots of group make-up classes on rotation every weekend for every instrument and each group, so you can catch up on any missed lessons, and meet new friends, or try new instruments! Really want to grow as a musician? Most of our students choose to participate in our free performances for all levels and ages that we do twice a year (along with walking the red carpet!). Our performances provide the perfect goal to work towards through their lessons. Students find that having a performance goal helps to keep them on track andfocusedd during the lessons and their at-home practice.

Should My Child Do Sports Or Music?

Both sport and music programs offer many benefits that prepare children for success. In fact, both sports and music engagement provide many of the same benefits including learning and appreciating teamwork, learning discipline, learning to focus on one goal, and improving physical skills like coordination and balance. While sports may provide additional physical benefits including exercise and providing a physical outlet for energy, music provides creative and expressive outlets similar to, but different than in sports. Because sports and music provide similar benefits, as long as you engage in one or the other, that’s all that really matters. Analyses have found a child typically maintains their orientation to one or the other as they age.

One of the greatest lessons one can take away from drumming is understanding the concept of time within the musical framework. It teaches us discipline, to listen and more importantly it teaches responsibility. Drums are a very beautiful yet powerful instrument. Like a lion, who commands the African savanna with its fierce claws, but when retracted becomes the most calm and majestic creature. It takes a lot of will power to stay calm when playing the drums because of its massive sound. As a great philosopher once said, “with great power comes great responsibility” -Ben Parker.

Online drum lessons are a great way to channel your high energy and creativity! Playing the drums is one of the most exhilarating, and physically interactive instruments to learn. As such, many high energy students find the drums a great instrument to learn as they can funnel their energy into the playing of it. Some students find although there is more coordination required by both your hands and your feet, overall, you don’t need to learn pitch notation to get started, like other instruments.

What are Benefits Of Learning Music

Much research has been made recently in how music affects human development. It should come as no surprise that music has profoundly positive, and everlasting effects on the brain. Some of the many cognitive benefits of learning music includes big increases in short term memory capacity. Those with learning difficulties benefit greatly from musical experience. Music and language are closely tied together across all cultures so that musicians develop more sophisticated language resources.

More intriguingly, brainstems in children who took music lessons are much rebust in adulthood that those didn’t take music lessons! Research has also found that those participate in music make great team players at work! Those individuals with an appreciation for music were found to have lower stress and anxiety levels overall. Further, those who engage with music experience more emotional power and control over those emotions. More importantly, music therapy is found to be profoundly beneficial for all kinds of patients include PTSD patients, war veterans, epilepsy and dementia.

How Much Time Should You Practice?

As a parent, you want to makes sure you nurture their development with an eye for the long term. It is the habit of practice that could matter more than the quality, or length of the practice itself. Since most experts agree that 30 minutes a day, every day, provides the strongest foundation and likelihood for becoming a lifetime musician, by getting yourself to the habit of practice, you can set yourself easily to achieve that goal! You can always break that 30 minutes practice time into multiple sessions, to make it easier and to avoid fatigue and burnout. The best way to practice is to focus intently on different sections of music, without over practicing, or under practicing, on just one section.

Can You Improve Your Singing Tone?

Are you wondering how to improve your singing tone?  Do you wish your voice sounded better when you listen back to it? Do you wish you could listen to your voice and enjoy what it sounds like? Do you sometimes feel like your voice is hopeless? Do you wonder how you can improve the colour and tone of your voice?

We understand what its like to struggle with the sound of your voice. Many singers come into our studio unhappy with the quality of their voice, and unsure of whether or not it’s something they can improve, nevermind whether they will ever be able to ever actually enjoy the sound of it. While it may seem far off, developing a nice, pleasing vocal tone is possible for everyone with the right tools, the right coach, and practice. You can develop your voice for singing and enjoy the process no matter where you are with your voice.


Don't Worry. We Get It!

There can be many, many issues at play that can cause your voice to not sound it’s best. This is part of why learning singing is much more complex that learning other musical instruments. We may want to rule out any medical issues such as hayfever, allergies, or other issues. Often, some singers experience a voice that isn’t able to work efficiently simple because of a lack of adequate sleep, or because of too much alchohol, caffeine, or foods which could be triggering acid reflux. 

Other common sources of vocal tonal issues could come from foreign accents which make singing in a particular language seem unnatural. It may also be that one’s confidence, musical or vocal development isn’t sufficiently strong enough to keep the voice consistently on pitch and rhythm when singing songs.

Find Your Own Style

While it’s desirable to develop your voice to it’s maximum potential, we also want to be careful to ensure that your voice maintains it’s natural quality, without sounding forced, or over-controlled. Making sure that your coach understands you, the areas where you are weakest, and have a proven system to guide you out of your challenges is essential. 

Every voice has it’s own unique character, and no two voices sound alike. That’s the thrill of singing! The most important thing is to separate what parts of your voice are able to be adjusted and improved through correct technique, musicianship, and personality, and which aspects of your voice are part of it’s inherent natural character and how you can capitalize on that. Honing in and empowering the unique timbre of your own voice is essential towards making your voice sound great!


Find best Toronto
Voice Teachers

Our voice teachers are carefully selected for their educational background, professional experience, and their warm personalities.


We Guarantee the Best Voice Teacher for you.

With over 30 carefully selected music teachers between 2 locations, we guarantee to have the best teacher match for you! We aim to provide a great experience for you and your family, or get your money back.


Why You Will Have Fun

We understand how hard it can feel to take the first step. However, we have a long track record of helping singers with busy schedules feel safe and comfortable to develop in their own time and their own way. Here’s three things you’ll love about us:

  1. Our positive, warm, nurturing environment that we’ve worked to create. Many singers feel as soon as they walk through our doors that we offer a space that is inviting and non-threatening.
  2. Our community. We have many ways to get involved in our academy and meet others.
  3. Our unique programs and method. When you arrive for your first lesson, you’ll get introduced to our programs available to every level of singer – yes, that includes YOU!

Go As Far As You'd Like

We might all be adults here, but we still know how to have fun. Enjoyment, and a positive environment are essential parts of our studio and our program. Many of our students come to our studio just to get away from their busy working lives and explore singing in a fun, pressure-free environment. There is lots to do in our studio, and you are invited to take part in as much or as little as feels right for you. There’s no expectations to go any further than you’d like to.

Although we feature an innovative vocal program that instills a strong, balanced voice in any singer interested in developing it, we recognize that many of our members just want to have fun. Singing has always meant to be fun. So we love that! And we have a spot in our program just for you.

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Warm, Friendly Community

There’s not alot of places where you feel can go to feel welcomed, have fun, and feel a part of a community. Learning singing is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have also have a fun environment to explore your singing in while making steady, consistent growth?

Our community, fabulous vocal techniques, and optional unique Singer’s Edge Program™ means that as soon as you are beginning to feel comfortable with the studio, our coaches and your growth (we know that you might feel nervous about coming, but trust us, feeling comfortable happens quick) you can quickly move into learning tricks and technique that will really boost your singing ability and help to feel more confident, and feel more positive about your voice than ever. All of this is meant to support your enjoyment of the studio so you can have a blast!


Comfortable first lesson as a complete beginner

“I felt so comfortable at my first lesson, even as a complete beginner!”

- M.C.

Reaching For Greatness

The path to becoming one is often long and hard, and requires support from the right people if you are going to survive it and be successful. We’ve worked with many singers work from the bottom up with their voices, helping them build a unique and powerful voice that has been the source of inspiration for those around them. Furthermore, all of our coaches are singers too. And we love sharing our secrets with those would like to learn and work hard.

The path to becoming an amazing singer can be challenging. If you are serious about growing you skills as a singer to your highest potential, you need a support system of coaches and mentors to guide you without wasting your time and/or money. The problem is, there is much to learn. So much, in fact, that it’s easy to get distracted, or spend months or years learning skills which may not be useful in the development of contemporary singing skills. Or worse, you discover these things too late.

singing student with piano teacher accompanying on piano on stage
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Everything You Need

There are many good resources available for singers, but you want to make sure that you find the right tools that are relevant and appropriate for you. Also remember that there’s more to a great voice than just the physical voice itself. Your ability to develop as a musician, and as a creative, confident human being all play a hand in your ability to be great at singing. It’s happened to some of us where the wrong advice can set you back years, or even stunt your growth entirely.

The secret to our success in working with singers to be great is our Singer’s Edge Program. We assess you in each of the 4 areas of the path creating a clear strategy for your growth efficiently and quickly. We lay out a series of short and long term goals which will support your development as a singer and setting you up the with the right resources you will need to be successful.

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