Latest COVID Update: Re-Opening Procedures

Singer’s Edge will be re-opening our physical locations for optional in-person lessons. Below is an overview of the procedures we are putting in place to open and operate safely:

  • We reopen for in-person lessons Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.
  • You may continue your lessons online only, or continue in-person, or a blend of both. If you choose to attend in-person lessons, you must complete an in-person lesson agreement.  In person and zoom lesson attendance will be tracked. Group lessons will continue online only. Makeup lessons are only available online, not in-person.
  • The academy entrance doors will be kept locked at all times. Only students scheduled will be allowed to enter. Parents, family and friends must wait outside as waiting inside the academy is no longer permitted. Parents may observe lessons via zoom by request.
  • All students and staff will be pre-screened and temperature checked before entering. Both staff and students are required to self-assess for COVID symptoms, and refrain from entering the academy if they are experiencing such symptoms. 
  • Students and staff are required to wear masks at all times and socially distance by 2m while inside the Academy.
  • HEPA air filters and transparent plexiglass barriers are individually installed in every lesson room.
  • The academy is thoroughly cleaned daily by professional cleaners. The Academy must perform touch point cleaning in-between students and we will need to end in-person lessons a few minutes early to do so, so that the next student may start on time. This may cause reduced time available for in-person lessons.
  • The academy will no longer be able to provide microphones, guitars, or drum sticks for shared student use. Please come to your lessons with your own.
  • Once opened, we may be required to close again and return to online only if/as needed, in which case may continue the remainder of their months lessons online only.

What We're Doing To Navigate Covid-19

An Evolving World

It’s no secret that the world has changed dramatically in the past few months. Things that would have seemed off the wall in January are now common practice, the biggest of these being social distancing, which has affected so many aspects of our lives. Interactions that have always been done in person have moved online: work meetings, classes, and even socializing with friends.

Music lessons have changed as well, with our entire school currently operating online for the safety of both our students and staff. Although we have always offered online lessons, we did have to make some small changes in order to shift our business 100% online. As the province prepares to reopen, all of us have questions about how we as a society should best move forward. Our academy is also adjusting to all these fast moving changes.

With change of any kind it is normal to be wary and have questions. We hope to address some of those below.

Adding A TON Of Free Bonus Classes!

We have made a massive investment and significantly growth to our group call schedule and programming. You can find over 100 hours of live online group classes for our students to access with many exclusively for adults, and also dedicated for kids and the various age groups.  

Our Temporary Shift Online

Many students think they can’t continue their hobbies or after-school activities during the Covid closures. But that’s not the case! Our online music lessons are designed to be easy to use for our students to continue their music lessons online! While we’ve always provided online music lessons as an alternative to our in-person lessons when students and parents might be away on holiday, we’ve invested heavily in improving our online lessons system during the closures! We’re sure your experience with our online lessons will be fun and exciting! When the schools re-open, you can continue your lessons in-person with your reserved lesson time at the academy, or continue your lessons online. It’s up to you!

Enhancing Our Online Lesson Platform

We took some significant steps to make our online lesson platform even better. Among the things we changed include:

  • Reworking our office staffing so that we have one dedicated staff member to assist with zoom lessons only. This is why if you call the school, the person you speak with on the phone is probably not be the person you will meet when you drop in to visit us on zoom
  • Training teachers on how to use zoom, including how to make the correct adjustments to get the best audio for both teachers and students 
  • Created a tech support system so that if any issues are encountered, our head office manager is available to jump on the session and help our office, teachers and students as needed!

Getting Ready To Reopen The Academy

Our Cleaning Procedures

We invested significantly in cleaning systems and products. Before the school had to close, we hired a team of dedicated daily cleaners to give the schools a deep clean everyday. We also purchased hand sanitizing dispensers and commercial sanitizing wipe dispensers, and include lots of soap and water for our staff and students to use freely.

The Option To Continue Online Or In-Person

While our teachers will be based at the academy, you will still be able to choose whether to continue to have your lesson in-person or online. If you choose to have your lessons in-person, your lesson will be shortened from 30 minutes, to 28 minutes. Ending your lesson 2 minutes early will enable us to properly clean and wipe down the instruments after use during your lesson.

How Do I Get Started?

We love helping new students and families! Have a question? No problem! Send us a message or give us a call! We can answer any of your questions, and help get you setup easily and quickly with the best teacher that’s right for you.

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