Equity Mandate

Equity Mandate

At Singer’s Edge, it is our mission to create diverse, equitable and inclusive environments where the individuality and heritages of every student within our musical community are recognized and honoured through our programming. We wish to be a part of the global conversation on equity issues by sharing voices, perspectives and relevant resources. 

Helpful Resources

Partnership Organizations

Kids At Home: Singer’s Edge & Toronto Arts Academy to provide scholarships for disadvantaged youth across Ontario

Sick Kids: Providing children in care with scholarship music lessons.


Alternative Careers in the Arts Workshop Series: An innovative 4 week online workshop in August 2021 provided free to the community by POC and indigenous music industry insiders on how to build alternative careers across the music industry. 

Music & Songwriting Workshop: Working with a local shelter for teenagers to provide workshops on development rhythmic skills, lyric writing, songwriting and basic music productions skills.

Equity Committee Annual Report 2021