Singing For Kids

How Does Your Program Work With Kids?

We believe in building confidence, and creativity in our youth. Our youth singing program was created to help young singers with their singing using the latest methods from specialized, certified vocal coaches. We suggest:

  • Weekly lessons to keep you on track to your goals
  • Parents, book a time to chat with our lesson coordinator about how we can help your child.

I’m A Parent. Do You Teach Youth?


  • Are you looking for singing lessons for kids?
  • Does your child show some passion for singing that you want to nurture?
  • Do you wonder how you would ever find time in your schedule to help your child explore their singing?
  • Do you feel yourself going crazy with balancing your worklife with raising a child, cooking dinner, AND having some kind of personal life?
We Know How Hard It Is To Be A Parent

We get it. We understand the incredible task that every parent faces, and we have nothing but respect and honour for every one of you.  Rest assured, we are here to make your life just a little bit easier:

  1. We have a deep passion for singing. If your child feels the same, then we might be the right fit for them. Our curriculum, based on our book “The Singer’s Instinct”, has been used by Disney to train their singers as part of “VocalizeU”. Our program is able to help voices of any age, and supports their unique interests and talents, giving them the space to explore their identities in a safe environment with other kids.
  2. All of our vocal coaches are trained in our method which frees up and strengthens voices so they can sing in the shower, in their school production, or kick off their singing career early. All of our singing lessons are taught privately.
  3. Most of our youth take part in our Saturday kids class “Youth Stage Skillz”, a wonderful atmosphere where our youth make friends with and support each other giving them permission to develop their passion safely and with confience. We’re proud to say that Singer’s Edge kids feel more supported, more settled in themselves, and more expressive than others who don’t explore their passion in music.
SY2The Problem:

You want the best thing for your child at an affordable rate. You also want your child to be in an environment where they will be supported to grow in their own way with a clear structure. You and your child also have busy schedules. You have a million things to do every day, and you are probably wondering how you would ever find the time to get your child to singing lessons every week. Don’t worry. We have a few ideas that we think will help…

The secret:

Top-Secret2 We have a saturday program that would be perfect for you and your child. We find a lesson time slot that is close to our saturday group class, and that means that once you get your child here for their private lesson and group class, that time they’re in the studio is yours. All yours! What to do with that all that extra time? Well that’s up to you, but we have a few suggestions there too. Many parents love to shop at Winner’s and/or Home Sense that is very close by. But you might also want to get a newspaper and just soak up the world going-on’s in the fabulous “neuf” coffee shop next door, or even indulge occasionally in the local spas in our neighbourhood.

How We Can Help You:

TR1 In our lessons, they will receive:

  • a discussion of your goals, interests, skills and experience with singing, to see how we can serve your child and your needs as a parent best.
  • At your first lesson, together we will assign your child a vocal coach from our studio that is best suited to their preferences and tastes.
  • an in depth assessment to see what areas of their voice need building the most first, and to see if there are any other major issues which need attending to.
  • we will prescribe, and run your child through a set of exercises that they need to be doing – the RIGHT combination of tools – to get their voice in a great balance that is appropriate for their age and skill-level.
  • we will look at how to sing songs while maintaining a vibrant, free voice correctly.
  • we may optionally set up a development program for them based on our “Singer’s Path” and help them carve out a comprehensive plan. The plan develops a singer in all areas of growth for singing, not just technique.
  • we will look at which of our lesson plans, group classes, performance opportunities, songwriting or other services we have to offer that would also best meet their goals and set you and your child up with that.
  • you will receive a copy of our guide-book on singing The Singer’s Instinct before you leave to help guide you and your child on your journey
We Suggest:

Depending on your desires and needs, we usually suggest weekly lessons to keep your child on the path to steady growth. We also suggest our weekly saturday youth stage skillz class to keep them growing steady and confidently with other youth who are also interested in singing. Our supportive group atmosphere really teaches kids to support each other while developing vital confidence and enthusiasm.

The Next Step:

web-page-next-step Developing an amazing voice for singing IS accomplishable with the right help. Consider booking a lesson with us to get you child off to a great start! For more info, see may also wish to check out our influential book on singing The Singer’s Instinct to learn more about great singing and how you can support your child develop efficiently.

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