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Brandon is an absolutely marvelous teacher… And he’s fast too! Mr. Brophy is an excellent musician and has over the years I’ve known him developed a vocal range that extends to well over 3 octaves. He not only plays piano well but is also very much aware of the various musical styles that different vocal performers use. His voice is free and has a large vocal range with a developed ability to sing with ease and fulfill the requirements within any style of music (pop, jazz, r&b, musical theatre). He shows a strong focus towards his voice teaching career and towards various educational capacities for the Speech Level Singing organization. I believe that he will pull into his voice training work the entire musical prowess experienced in his lifelong passionate focus towards his vocal application. He has the ability to combine not only his performance skills, but also his voice teachers mind for musical education. Being a complete musician he will accomplish success by achieving it himself and encourage and support his students in doing the same. Brandon is one of those peculiar pupils who is so in love with his craft that he wants to extend it towards others in anyway he can. It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend Mr. Brophy. I myself have been teaching for 52 years, and I must say that Mr. Brophy is the kind of voice teacher that we should all be fortunate to be able to work with. If you need any further information, please see my website

Seth Riggs