female student singing in studio_opt

Changed my voice for the better. More than a school, this place is a community! I have been singing since I was eight, I am in my twenties now and had no idea that I even needed proper training till I started with Brandon almost two years ago! His coaching made a night and day difference in my voice. My band members actually saw a drastic improvement in my voice after just two classes with Brandon. My friends, family and band members continue to express how amazing my voice has become in the past few years. It is only up from here! I’ve had such a remarkable 3 year journey with Singers Edge so far. My voice consistently keeps improving and I discover new capabilities with it on a regular basis! My critics, band members and friends now say I sound like a professional singer and I couldn’t be happier to hear that! If you want to be your best and make some amazing contacts in the local music scene, this is the place for it!

Deepa Maha