I highly recommend this place! I have been cursed with a terrible voice, but always had an overwhelming desire to sing. I am very happy I started to take lessons after resisting for 30 years. After some extended time focusing on developing my vocal skills, I ACTUALLY got better and can sing in pitch/key. I feel the 1.5 year investment I’ve made so far has given me gift 1000% worth the investment and is something I know will be engrained as part of the rest of my life.
For reference, my music teach is Matt – he’s great! Tatiana & Katie at the front desk are super nice too! 🙂
If you’re considering lessons and have a fire for signing, DO IT and stick to it. A couple times I felt I didnt have progress, but some of that was just in my head and it’s worth working past that…out of nowhere you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at what you can do. Suddenly you may find yourself surprised about how much you’ve developed.

Steve B