Singer’s Edge Academy (SEA) Program

Too often in contemporary singing, we mistake effortless-sounding skills for natural talent.

The Singer’s Edge Program is our 4 Level program for building “effortless-sounding skills” from the ground up, providing rewards at each of the 4 levels that you complete.


It guides students of all abilities to a strong & practical foundation for contemporary singing step-by-step, emphasizing key vocal skills, musical development, unique style and building repertoire.

Our book The Singer’s Instinct can be used as a guide through the program. The 4 levels of the program reflect the books main 4 sections.

When Happens When You Enrol In “The Academy”

  1. Lessons will continue as usual, except your lessons will be more structured so that you progress linearly through the program. In all of our lessons, we aim to spend 50% of your lesson time working on new skills, and 50% of your lesson time applying them in songs.
  2. Your coach will work through each skill with you in each module in your lessons and assign you homework.
  3. When you complete all the skills in each of the 3 modules in the level you get the rewards for that level.

Frequently Asked Questions About “The Academy”:

Q: What’s the difference between an academy lesson and a regular lesson? 

A: The academy program creates more structured learning requiring you to fully demonstrate the wide variety of skills required in contemporary singing. You can’t skip over certain skills like you might in a non-structured lesson. Because development is more thorough on the program, you can expect more in depth work for deeper learning and authentic talent development. It also allows you and your family more easily and clearly track where you are in your growth.

Q: How long does the Academy program take to complete?

A: It depends entirely on how much experience and skills you’ve already developed, how much you practice and how frequently you have lessons. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or longer.

Q: Do I have to enrol on the program? 

A: Of course not! You are more than welcome to carry on with our coaches in your lessons guided by your own interests.

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