I Get Nervous Even Thinking About Singing

Do you like the idea of exploring your singing but have a few hesitations about it? Do you feel like you’re a million miles away from having a good voice?  Do you worry about whether or not you’re good enough to have voice lessons or find the idea of high-quality vocal training intimidating? Do you feel so shy about singing that you’re not even sure if you can sing in front of a voice coach?

Don’t Worry. We  Get It.

Many of the singers that come through our doors don’t have a lot of singing experience either. Afterall, there aren’t many opportunities in our modern lives for us to get these experiences, especially when we’re so busy with work and family. But if you’re anything like us, the urge to learn how to sing has probably overtaken you at some point, and you’ve decided maybe it’s time!

We are proud to feature singing lessons for beginners in a friendly, supportive, but professional environment with our breakthrough system for learning singing.

Am I Going To Feel Safe And Supported?

It’s hard to find a place where you feel both a part of a community and where you feel steady growth when working with rock, pop, or rnb with a voice coach. Many singers find that many coaches are great at teaching musical theatre or classical singing, but don’t have much experience with rock, pop or rnb styles. And if they do, there probably isn’t much of a community vibe that comes along with it so you can feel supported in the early stages of growth.

That’s where we come in. We understand what its like to feel like you’re starting from the bottom. And it’s no sweat. Most of our students find as soon as they walk through our doors that they feel like they fit in right away! That’s because we make sure that we keep a positive, supportive environment in our studio. Everyone feels safe and free to explore their voice without feeling judged or feeling like they aren’t good enough to be here. We know that everyone has something unique to bring to the world, and we’re committed to helping everyone find their own voice and have fun, no matter what level they’re at.

How Do You Start Learning? What Will I Learn?

There are four levels of our Singer’s Edge Program™ that progress easily from one to the next: 1) Foundations 2) Musicality 3) Vocal Style 4) Performance. Most students choose to learn the Singer’s Edge Program from the beginning, however, many choose to focus exclusively on the areas of singing that are most important to them. Still, some students prefer going through lessons without our program, in an ad-hoc, less structured format.

Our specialized and proprietary program will guide you through all the essential skills needed for singing so you can great no matter what song you sing!

What Makes Singer's Edge Different?

Not all vocal coaches and music schools teach the same thing. Different schools have different focuses that can make them great at delivering an overall general musical experience. But if you’ve tried singing contemporary music, you’ve probably discovered that it can be alot harder than most other instruments. There are many good reasons why this is so:

  • singing involves tiny muscles in your throat that can be very difficult to develop correctly
  • it’s easy to strain the voice, especially when singing high or low notes the wrong way
  • contemporary music can be hard to sing well and sound good. Singing like this can require full voice, loud high notes, or it can involve lots of fast moving notes, known as riffs, or trills.
  • it can be very discouraging to learn rock, pop, or rnb music without the right help.
  • there isn’t a community where you can learn to sing solo in a supportive environment.

What Makes Singer's Edge Voice Teachers Different From Other Voice Teachers?

We are proud to say that we are perhaps the only vocal studio in the country with a range of specialized voice coaches, and a specialized development program that all focus exclusively on contemporary singing. We have a sophisticated system for working with singers as contemporary singing can pose many unique challenges. While there are many other places where you can learn music and singing, such as from other singers, or other music schools, few of those coaches have probably received the sophisticated training to actually TEACH singing to a high standard so that you can sing contemporary music. Our secret is that our coaches here are required to fulfill yearly training and assessment requirements in order to maintain certification as Singer’s Edge Certified Voice Coaches.

Also, our unique Singer’s Edge Program™ means that as soon as you are beginning to feel comfortable with the studio, our coaches and your growth (we know that seems far away, but trust us, it happens sooner than you think) you can quickly move into learning tricks and technique that will really boost your singing ability and help to feel more confident, and feel more positive about your voice than ever. You might even start to forget about how afraid you may have felt coming into the studio for the very first time.

What Happens At My First Lesson?

The most important tool we have to help you with is our private lessons. Weekly lessons are usually advised to keep you on track to monitor your progress and quickly make changes to your practicing regime as needed as your voice grows. Monitoring your development, especially in the early stages of your training is essential to ensuring optimal development.

Not sure what to expect in your first lesson?  Fear not.  Let us help you get over that now. You can expect:

  • a discussion of your goals, interests, skills and experience with singing, to see how we can serve you best.

  • a brief assessment exercise to see where the best place is to start with your voice and to see if there are any other major issues which need attending to.

  • we will prescribe, and run you through a set of exercises that you need to be doing – the RIGHT combination of tools – to free your voice from strain in the areas you’re struggling with.

  • we will look at how to sing songs correctly and eventually with your own distinctive style.

  • depending on where you’re at and what you’re looking to get out of lessons, we may also optionally set up a development program for you based on our “Singer’s Path” and help you carve out a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals. The plan develops a singer in all areas of growth for singing, not just vocal technique.

  • we will look at which of our lesson plans, group classes, performance opportunities, songwriting or other services we have to offer you that would best meet your goals and set you up with that.

What Other Awesomeness Can I Expect?

At Singer’s Edge, we understand how difficult it can feel to take the first step. However, we have a long track record of helping singers with busy schedules feel safe and comfortable to develop in their own time and their own way.

We have three things that we think you’ll love about us:

  1. The first is our positive, warm, nurturing environment that we’ve worked to create. Many singers feel as soon as they walk through our doors that we offer a space that is inviting and non-threatening.
  2. The second is our Singers Edge community. We have many ways to get involved with our studio and get to know everyone.
  3. The third is the range of our unique programs and method. When you arrive for your first lesson, you’ll get introduced to the full range of programs we offer that are available to every level of singer – yes, that includes YOU!

They are all designed to give you a safe, welcome place to grow – and probably introduce you to a few new friends while you’re at it!

What happens when you register for singing lessons? We will learn more about you, confirm a regular weekly time, and take payment. Then, upon arrival, you’ll meet our staff, take your first lesson, and explore the free group classes and performance opportunities available for you.

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