The Benefits of Wearing Covid Masks For Singers

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed all of our lives in countless ways, one of the most obvious being the fact that we are required to wear a mask in many places. For some this has been a nuisance, for others a fantastic addition to their health regimen. For singers specifically, are masks good or bad? Do they help or hinder the health of the voice? 

Well, that’s what we are here to find out! 


We will start here, as this is what masks are most known for. Many singers have issues with allergens, especially as the seasons change, causing inflammation of the voice. 

While not all Covid masks are created equal in this regard, certain certified masks are proven to reduce the inhalation of allergens, giving singers their best shot at avoiding nature’s attacks! 

Humidity and the Voice 

Humidity has one of the greatest effects on the human voice. We’ve all experienced it, especially in the winter when we spend much of our time in indoor heated spaces – the constant dry feeling, the scratchy tone, the never ending sensation of an itch in the throat. 

All of these symptoms are caused by low humidity levels! Simply drinking more water will help, but will not solve these issues when a person spends all their time in dry air environments; especially if they breathe primarily through their mouth!

There are a couple of ways to combat this, frequent water drinking and humidifiers being a few options. 

But also masks! Masks help with the issue of dryness by allowing us to recycle moisture. Covid masks keep the moisture inside, which we then inhale back into our body, which is very helpful for singers! 

There are even companies who make masks specifically with air humidity in mind, one of the most popular being Vogmask

Closing Notes 

While the debate about masks will surely continue on the main stage of the world, it can be confidently stated that there is a benefit to wearing them for singers! 

So, think about taking some time and investing in a superior mask that keeps your humidity levels up and allergens out. We may still be stuck with masks for a while yet, so why not get some vocal benefits along the way! 

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