Next Steps: Breaking into the Music Industry

You’ve invested countless hours honing your singing skills, crafted your own original music, and even established an artist name for yourself. So, what’s next? Achieving a high level of artistic skill is just the beginning. Breaking into the music industry requires careful planning and strategic steps. In this article, we will guide you through the crucial stages of your journey.

Getting Your Image Together

In the music industry, your image transcends physical appearance; it encompasses every aspect of how you present yourself to the world. This includes your clothing choices, photographic style, fonts, editing effects, and color schemes. Crafting a cohesive and authentic image is vital to your brand.

When emerging artists embark on this journey, we recommend experimenting with different styles until you discover your unique “voice.” For instance, Lana Del Ray artfully incorporates the imagery and color textures of 1950s America to complement her dreamy, nostalgic music. In stark contrast, the band Slipknot employs masks and a distinctive jagged font to support their intense artistry.

Discovering the imagery that resonates with you may require effort, but don’t hesitate to start this creative process. In no time, you will begin to shape a visual identity that perfectly complements your music.

Creating Professional Tracks

So, you’ve composed some remarkable songs on your acoustic guitar and vocal, and now you want to elevate them to the next level. How can you achieve that?

It’s commonplace for singers and songwriters to collaborate with music producers to transform their raw tracks into polished, professional works. A music producer guides you in turning your simple composition into a fully arranged production. This can involve adding instruments, effects, or recording the song in a state-of-the-art studio. Collaborating with a music producer can elevate your music from a bedroom recording to chart-ready material.

Producers can be found online, but we recommend trying to get tailored suggestions from other musicians and artists, as the relationship between artist and producer is very personal!

Building an Online Presence

Maintaining a consistent online presence is paramount in today’s music industry. Record labels, playlist curators, and other industry professionals will scrutinize your social media profiles when they come across your work. Consider your social media accounts as your modern-day portfolio.

Through your social media platforms, people should gain insights into who you are as an artist. This may include video recordings of your music, photos with personal captions, and text posts featuring your lyrics. Consistency is key. Industry insiders will evaluate whether you are committed and consistent in your efforts.

Grants and Other Opportunities

Canadian artists are fortunate to have access to numerous funding opportunities. These grants, available at national, provincial, and city levels, come from both private and public sources and vary in size and scope. Prominent options include FACTOR, the Canadian Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.

It’s essential to research and identify the grants that align with your goals and qualifications, and start the application process well in advance. While grants can be time-consuming, the potential benefits are substantial. Even if your application is not accepted, the process can help you better understand yourself as an artist.

Community and Collaboration

Breaking into the music industry often involves networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals. Attending open mics and artist networking events can open doors and expand your horizons. Networking is your gateway to finding collaborators, such as producers, musicians, and marketing professionals. So, get out there and start building your team!

Closing Notes

Embarking on this journey may seem daunting, but it’s entirely achievable. If you’re looking to collaborate with some of Toronto’s finest singers and music professionals, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Your path to success in the music industry begins with determination, creativ