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The Singer’s Path: Shortcut your way to GREAT singing!

shortcut-to-singing-programThe Singer’s Path is a simple but powerful program that we created for walking aspiring vocalists through their development as an artist. It is based on 2 decades of cutting-edge voice training techniques, artistic development processes, and music industry support. You can be enrolled on our customized program that solidifies the essential elements of great singing after attending 1 month of lessons in the studio. Among the skills you will learn include:

  • vocal technique
  • basic music theory
  • musicianship
  • vocal styling
  • song interpretation
  • general artist development skills
  • artistic branding
  • developing the skills to be a performer

All of this work is tailored for you based on the appropriate modules that are relevant for your growth. You will receive reviews and new assignments as appropriate at every lesson. The program is FREE and available to students on a lesson plan through the studio. Email us about how you can get involved!

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