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Stuck Spending your March at Home?

It’s the Perfect Time to Practice Singing and to Write Those Songs You’ve Always Wanted To!

We’re still here for you! Although we have closed our locations, we are so excited about the great feedback we’ve been receiving from our voice students about our online lesson platform. Remember, you can still see our amazing front desk staff before we transfer you over to your voice teacher through our online zoom platform. It’s just like being in the school! Need to book a makeup voice lesson? No problem! Just follow our zoom link and say hi to our front desk team. We can get you setup with whatever you need.

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Need to Keep Busy?
We’ve Got You Covered!In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly voice and music classes, we’re going even further for you. We’re excited to announce our new BONUS music classes on rotation. Some classes may change week to week. Now we have even more voice classes for you to enjoy, absolutely free! Check out our new bonus classes, run by some of our amazing voice and music teachers!

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Thursdays with Tiz, 7-8pm: The Independent Singer
Tomorrow’s Class title: “How I Got My Earliest Releases DONE”

Tiz is a graduate from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in 2014 he has gone on to perform all over Europe and North America and had chart success in his homeland. His independent releases under the name ‘Tiz McNamara’ have racked up over 9 Million streams on Spotify as well as featuring on several UK TV shows. Paul has shared the stage with Brit award winner James Bay, Jenn Grant and James TW. The Irishman also recorded vocals on a UK Christmas No.1 single alongside Sir. Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Shane McGowan under the ‘The Justice Collective’. Paul has been teaching Voice, Song-writing, Drums, Piano and Guitar for more than 10 years.

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Tuesdays with Matt, 3:30-4:30: Building Confidence
Matt received singer/songwriter of the year awards in 2009 and 2012 in his home town, and received media praise as “one of Niagara’s finest musician.” He holds his certificate in songwriting from Berkley College of Music and has been working as a producer/song arranger for many artists. As a solo artist and lead singer of ‘I’ve Got Gloria” his songs soared on many radio charts.

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Fridays with Lennox, 4:30-5:30: How To Accompany Yourself On Piano & GuitarLennox is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based out of Toronto, actively performing and writing since his teenage years. A graduate of York’s Music Program, Lennox is competent on guitar, piano, drums, bass, mandolin, and ukulele, and has performed in various styles including rock, blues, jazz, folk, classical, soul, RnB, reggae, and metal. Lennox is also a singer/songwriter and bandleader, spearheading local bands Ruby Cikada (2012-2017), Broken Wolves (2017-present), and just recently released their debut solo album, Night Light (2018), under the name Lennox C.B. A passionate teacher, Lennox started teaching in 2009.


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Tips For Practicing Singing In Your Condo!

Some of our students have expressed concern about how to practice singing in your condo. We wanted to provide some tips on how to make the most of your practice!

1) Hum your warm ups or vocalize through a straw. Both inhibit the volume of the voice.

2) Hum the melody that your singing following along with your balcony track. Be careful not to push too hard! Try and perfect your pitch through humming.

3) Do vocal warmups using vowel sounds using a gentler approach, slightly breathier, so you don’t press too hard on your vocal cords.

4) Try the song lyrics and melody as if you were talking it – not blasting. Try and perfect the pitches, emotion, rhythm, vocal tone, colour, and feel.

5) Once you have the song down in the ways you desire above, sing at full voice, with control, using your full breath and projection. Remember to keep your vocal shapes, air pressure, and vocal fold closure intensity balanced together so you don’t strain.

6) Still self-conscious? Build out your closet with padding. The padding and clothes in your closet, and the smaller space will help to contain the sound so you can practice without being heard.

Spotted @ Singer’s Edge

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Some of our Singer’s Edge Staff celebrating another day of successful day on zoom!

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Voice Student Links

We know our voice students have busy schedules. That’s why we provide most of our scheduling services online to save you the time of calling in and waiting for our front desk staff to assist you!
Bookmark these links on your phone for easy access!

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Singer’s Edge Spotify Playlist
Our Singer’s Edge Playlist is comprised entirely of present/past students and our diverse teachers! What better place to find a collection of true Toronto sound.

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happy birthday to our voice students
Jo P – March 1st
Jhonen EG – March 2nd
Andy S – March 2nd
Jorge M – March 4th
Alpha Gold C – March 8th
Daniel C – March 9th
Tamoya T – March 10th
Diana R – March 12th
Mary P – March 13th
Shagun D – March 15th
Lillian X – March 15th
Eunice L – March 16th
Victoria N – March 16th
Michael M – March 18th
Aaron W – March 21st
Glen R – March 22nd
Stephanie T – March 22nd
Erick C – March 23rd
Kimberley M – March 23rd
Brandon D – March 24th
Annie Q – March 25th
Katie Y – March 25th
Lyara M – March 26th
Mayu T – March 26th
Laura G – March 28th
Ricardo WP – March 28th
Chisani DW – March 30th
happy anniversary to our voice students

Cameron H – 3 Years
Gaetano G – 2 Years
Benjamin H – 2 Years
Silvia M – 1 Year
Sara AM – 1 Year
Istiana B – 1 Year
Alex B – 1 Year
Raul R – 1 Year
Mina G – 1 Year
Andre V – 1 Year
Jessica M – 1 Year
Ken G – 1 Year
Valentin R – 1 Year
Mikayla B – 1 Year
Steven B – 1 Year

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Voice Coach Waiting List

Many of our voice teachers are sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular voice teacher, day or lesson time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited voice lesson spots available. To inquire about openings for March, send an e-mail to Or you can call the office at: 647-347-7464

Ashiya 1 SPOT
Lennox  SOLD OUT
Tiz 1 SPOT
Galen 2 SPOTS
Christian 2 SPOTS
Shi 1 SPOT
Alvaro 1 SPOT
Tara. 1 SPOT
Michelle SOLD OUT
Marshall 1 SPOT
Sherisse SOLD OUT