Featured Lecture: A Lesson from Jason Spanu on Touring & Programming for Modern Music Legends

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Jason has delivered a brilliant history as a key player in the Canadian electronic music scene. From the early 90’s heyday of Toronto’s techno scene, Jason Spanu finds himself constantly touring as a band member and programmer for artists like:

Nelly Furtado


Frank Ocean

In this 3 hour lecture, Jason will walk Singer’s Edge members and guests through how to write your own songs using Ableton Live, (a music-writing program featured in our training room) as well as talk about his experiences on the road with these modern vocal legends.

Jason is considered an expert with Ableton Live, and this event will showcase his passion for helping singers and musicians achieve their goals through it.

You can read more about Jason here.

Light drinks and snacks will be provided.

Members = Free

Non-members = $20

Registration required and spaces limited.

To register, please call the studio:

416 822 8471.


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SE Voice Lessons talks to Jason Spanu about working with Nelly Furtado


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