NEW! iPhone Songwriting Class


Gavin Bradley is a SOCAN #1 Songwriter for work with Serena Ryder, Best R&B Juno Award for work with JackSoul, Billboard Hot Plate for work with Nelly Furtado and Dora Nomination for theatre composition.


Monthly on Last Sunday of each month

starting Sunday, February 25th,


We are re-formatting our sunday songwriting class starting february as follows:

  • Sunday January 28th will be the last weekly songwriting class.
  • Our new iPhone Songwriting class will be a monthly 3 hour class
  • Will be held on the last sunday of every month starting February 25th.
  • Class is drop-in and no registration is necessary. However, the first 8 people to arrive to each class can enlist themselves to receive 1-1 guidance during the breakaway sessions.
  • No experience necessary!
  • All you need is the iPhone version of Garageband and a pair of headphones with an inline mic (ie the standard Apple earbuds).
  • Anyone can download this version free, and it allows you to do everything you need.
  • This class is part of our complimentary group class program for current students.

Please note that anything more complex like the laptop version of Garageband (or any other software you prefer to use) is okay as long as it can record drums, instruments and a microphone input in class, but this will require you to be familiar with it. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support in this class for other software other than iPhone GarageBand versions.

Please also note: this course is not a software learning course, but a songwriting course, using the basic software. The style of songwriting taught will be geared towards writing for Pop radio in LA industry style.