Some say Whitney was born to sing. Others say it was the environment she was brought up in.

Either way, in her prime, Whitney was able to master in combination a peculiarly high number of vocal, musical, performance, & business skills.

If you’ve always wanted to sing like Whitney, you’re gonna have to match her at her game.

Here’s how to do it:

1) Develop Powerful Vocal Skills

a) Seamlessly transition between vocal registers by aligning specific resonances that will offer the most efficient and powerful sound, but WITHOUT yelling and without going into falsetto.
b) Sing in any dynamic (gentle to belt) within any part of your range
c) Always maintaining a vibrant and free vibrato
d) Sing with feeling: Wild and uninhibited but perfectly on pitch.

2) Develop Comprehensive Musical Skills

a) Have a solid practical understanding of the degrees in blues, major, and minor scales
b) Be able to switch between those scales spontaneously while improvising with feeling.
b) Tastefully alternate long held notes with rippling embellishments
c) Infuse rhythmic variation spontaneously
d) Be able to command a full band and orchestra without ever even looking at them

3) Develop Performance Skills

a) Perform often and regularly in supportive and encouraging environments
b) Perform with the highest degree of courage and confidence, unafraid to take risks live onstage
c) Stay determined to be the best you can be.
d) Be authentic, clear and determined about fulfilling your musical INTENT

4) Develop Business Skills

a) Suss out and engage with influential figures in the music industry
b) Have the worlds best songwriters write songs specifically for you.
c) Have the music industry collaborate with the film industry to propel your career even further
d) Be charming, well-mannered, poised, and open with everyone you deal with.

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