How To Go Viral As A Singer

Going viral as a singer can be a game-changer for your music career! Read on for our top tips on how to go viral as a singer! 

1. Be A Great Singer

The first and most challenging step of achieving vocal fame is becoming a great singer. Thankfully, this is something that is in your control! 

Practice often and invest in your skills by finding yourself a qualified teacher (Hint, Hint – Us!). If you take yourself seriously and put in the hard work, audiences will reward you with their interest.

2. Create Original And Cover Songs 

When you begin creating content, don’t limit yourself! You never know what people are going to react to the most, so try to come from as many angles as possible! 

Acoustic covers, different genres, original songs – whatever you love, record it and share! Take notice of what people are reacting to the most, and do more of that! 

3. Consistency Is Everything  

Social media algorithms favor consistent posting. Set yourself a content schedule and stick to it! Post at the same time, the same days of the week, every week. 

Your content may not take off right away, but with consistency you will see growth! 

4. Understand Each Platform

Each social media platform promotes content in different ways. For example, a short, casually shot video can blow up on Tik Tok, whereas a longer, higher quality filmed video would be the better choice for YouTube. 

Think about the platform you are posting on, and do your best to give it what it wants! There is no need to swim against the current! 

5. Create Shareable Videos

It’s no secret that people love to share videos with their family and friends. Get creative with your content creation! Ask yourself questions like what do I like to share? Why do I share it? 

For example, singer Ben Rector created a short video of a song he created where the lyric is “Uber Eats doesn’t seem like a good deal anymore”. This silly and relatable video went viral and received countless shares! 

Just because you are a serious artist does not mean that all your content needs to be! Show all sides of your personality! 

6. Share Your Story 

Audiences connect with relatable artists. Remember to share not just your skills, but also your personality! This can include behind the scenes video, jokes, or even everyday activities like going for a walk. 

Get creative and show the world what is unique about you! 

Closing Notes

If you would like to get your vocal chops ready for fame contact us today! We can set you up with one of Toronto’s best vocal coaches!