April Newsletter

April Newsletter | MORE FREE VOICE CLASSES THAN EVER | Self Care Tips

Covid-19 Update

We want to thank you for the amazing feedback we’ve received about our online voice lessons. Our improved format has gotten rave reviews! We’ve had lots of new voice students affected by closures across the continent sign up for online voice lessons with us!



Over 100 Hours Of Free Music Classes Every Month!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Bringing You The Best Online Vocal Learning Experience In The GTA

We’re still here for you! During this very difficult time, many music schools have stopped offering music lessons. Now more than ever, we need to bring our community together online! While Singer’s Edge has always taught many international students online, we wanted to do even more with our online experience.

Now, you can enjoy over 100 hours of free music and voice classes every month all completely free for our students. 

See a sample below:

online music and voice classes

Music Class Schedule

voice teacher in online voice class

Updated Academy Office Hours

Please note that during the Covid Closures, our online office hours are now 11:00AM-9:00PM Mon-Friday (instead of 9am-9pm).

S E L F – C A R E


self care with voice lessons

If you’re feeling lonely, we’ve got you – 7 days a week. Come on in to one of our group classes! Parents and siblings, if you have a family member registered at our school, you’re all welcome to explore our classes!

Don’t feel like playing your instrument in a private lesson? That’s ok too! You can use your lesson time to catch up with your teacher, relax, and talk about what’s happening and share about each others experiences. Just let them know you need some talk time.

Taking Care Of Yourself:

  1. Take News Breaks. This includes social media. Find 2 or 3 reliable news and social sources, and try and limit from your engagement with those sources to 2 or 3 times a day.
  2. Care For Your Body. This includes meditation, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and limiting or avoiding alcohol and drugs.
  3. Make You Time. Make time for yourself and do the activities you enjoy. We’ve curated hours and hours of musical activities for you to enjoy with our fun community for free!
  4. Connect With Others. Connect with us on zoom, or your friends on other social apps. Share you concerns and talk about how you’re feeling.

More Resources:

  1. Kids Help Phone: text TALK to 686868
  2. Mental Health Help Line: 1-866-531-2600
  3. Get Economic & Federal Financial Supporthere.
  4. Get your at-home family activity financial subsidy here.

Z O O M   U P D A T E S

voice teacher teaching voice student online
voice teacher teaching voice students online
voice teacher teaching voice student online using zoom virtual backgrounds
online guitar student taking online guitar lessons with guitar teacher

Top 3 Tips For ZOOM Technical Issues:

  1. Audio Settings: There are 3 audio settings which we feel are important to change from the defaults. You can find those here.
  2. Preserve Processing: Close down any extra browsers, browser tabs, or apps on your computer or device you’re not using that could hog CPU power and cause lags in your zoom session.
  3. Internet Connection: Try to make sure there is no interference from your wifi signal, or that are you close to your wifi as possible. Do a speed test to check your internet connection.

Zoom Security

Zoom has seen exponential growth in it’s usage. As a result, Zoom has focused attention on increased security. This past Saturday, Zoom made an upgrade that required us to update our zoom link to include an embedded password.

Be aware that we have taken steps to minimize security risks on our platform. Due to our unqiue zoom setup, security is enhanced beyond just our secured link via the use of private breakout rooms for students, and for visitors requiring front desk approval before entering our main room.

If you are a registered student, please contact us to get our updated link.

playing with virtual backgrounds for your online voice lessons

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds:

Have you wondered how some of our staff get their cool backgrounds behind them in our zoom lobby? It’s easy! Find instructions here. Older devices may have not virtual backgrounds available as an option. Need some ideas? Have a look at these hipster backgrounds, or these kids backgrounds.

take a selfie with your online music teacher and win a gift card

Are you enjoying your online lessons? Share a pic of you with your teacher!

We will be picking one selfie a week to earn a $25 amazon gift card!

Spotted @ Singer’s Edge

online voice teacher teaching voice student
voice teacher teaching voice student online
music academy staff meeting online virtual platform
online guitar lesson with guitar teacher and guitar student

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Student Links

We know our students have busy schedules. That’s why we provide most of our scheduling services online to save you the time of calling in and waiting for our front desk staff to assist you!
Bookmark these links on your phone for easy access!

Early Cancel Online Submission
Late Cancel Online Submission
Make-Up Lesson Booking Site
Group Class Schedule
Online Practice Scales

Singer’s Edge Spotify Playlist
Our Singer’s Edge Playlist is comprised entirely of present/past students and our diverse teachers! What better place to find a collection of true Toronto sound.

music academy students playlist featured on spotify
happy birthday to music students
Reymark A – April 1st
Lara W – April 2nd
Ken G – April 3rd
Ashley E – April 6th
Megan M – April 6th
Christian A – April 9th
Usman M – April 11rd
Alexandra CK – April 13th
Muzammil B – April 14th
Richard O – April 16th
Makhosi M – April 19th
Sara W – April 19th
Julie Y – April 19th
Kevin D – April 20th

Mark P – April 20th
Kennedy A – April 21st
Mickie E – April 21st
Jasmine H – April 21st
Bryan J – April 21st
Kirsten R – April 23rd
Maxim C – April 24th
Mladen M – April 24th
Evgheni C – April 25th
Kellie B – April 27th
Steven M – April 27th
Trudy F – April 28th
Silvia M – April 28th
Meredith S – April 28th
happy anniversary to the following music students

Alex M – 3 Years
Katie W – 3 Years
Sunny F – 2 Years
Kevin D – 2 Years
Taylor P – 1 Year
Jhonen E – 1 Year

voice teacher and voice student celebrating on red carpet after student performances

Coach Waiting List

Many of our teachers are sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for March, send an e-mail to office@singersedge.com. Or you can call the office at: 647-347-7464

Ashiya 1 SPOT
Lennox  SOLD OUT
Tiz 1 SPOT
Galen 2 SPOTS
Christian 2 SPOTS
Shi 1 SPOT
Alvaro 1 SPOT
Tara. 1 SPOT
Michelle SOLD OUT
Marshall 1 SPOT
Sherisse SOLD OUT