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Singer’s Edge is currently is looking to hire supportive, upbeat vocal coaches with academic or professional experience in contemporary music (pop/rock/rnb etc). All coaches receive training upon hiring in our innovative training program. We are particularly interested in music program graduates. Coaches begin as substitute teachers often progressing to regular hours at our studio. This is an amazing opportunity to get involved with our dynamic, highly selective team in a progressive contemporary singing school in downtown Toronto.

Please be aware that it may take a few weeks or more to review application submissions, and due to the volume we receive we are not able to respond to everyone. We ask that applicants do not call the academy about employment opportunities.

What is Singer's Edge?

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where our students can build the musical skills they can enjoy for a lifetime. We’ve invested heavily in building a community of supportive, fun and friendly staff that all believe in that goal.

Our academy values individualized learning, where students can build essential creative skills and learn to exercise that creativity so they can experience a lifetime of success in any area.

1 – 2@2x

Our Toronto piano lessons build excellent musical foundations for students of any age. Many students learn piano more easily than other instruments, as its gentler on the fingers and hands & playing the right note on the piano is easy. 


Our Toronto voice lessons are a great way to discover the only instrument inside of you! We are thrilled to be exclusive licensees of Canada’s leading pop voice program for all levels, the Singer’s Edge Program

1 – 1@2x

Our guitar lessons provide an opportunity for students to learn the songs they love, and express themselves through this classic instrument! The guitar can be played in so many exciting ways. 


Provides the best instructors

The instructors are knowledgeable, caring, and are practicing musicians. The Academy is also well-organized and well-run administratively. My son and I have taken music lessons in many other different places and from other instructors, and they provide the best instructors and the best set up we have experienced.


What makes Us Different?

At Singer’s Edge & Toronto Arts Academy, everyone from the front desk to your chosen teacher cares about you and your music journey to ensure you reach your goals.

Our teachers are chosen for their extensive musical background in their specific instrument discipline, and for their genuine dedication to teaching.

Interested in teaching for the fastest growing music school in Toronto?

We are seeking out-going, motivated, fun music teachers to work for a progressive, organized, professional company in a beautiful location. STOP DRIVING ALL OVER THE GTA and COME TEACH WITH US!!!

Our students have included Grammy winner The Weeknd, Juno winners Hollerado & Alyssa Reid, broadway performers, jazz singers, film actors, and many more.

Our innovative program has been condensed into a highly regarded book The Singer’s Instinct and has been used by prominent international institutions like Disney, Paul McCartney’s LIPA, Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, Japan School Of Music, and more!

We Guarantee the Best Music Teacher fit.

With over 30 carefully selected music teachers between 2 locations, we guarantee to have the best teacher match for you! We aim to provide a great experience for you and your family, or get your money back.

TOP FIVE REASONS why you should work for us!

1.Toronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge does all bookwork, billing and collections for you. You are able to focus on teaching – what you LOVE to do! Arranging for a performance space on your own is a hassle and costly. We take care of that for you.

2. You may choose the hours you are available to teach. We carefully match students to the best teacher possible, and will fill your available hours as we can.

3. You don’t have time for the billing and scheduling and parent issues that are associated with teaching independently. At Toronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge, we will handle this for you. When you are hired you enjoy a worry-free experience as a professional instructor. Let us focus on the business and advertising and marketing. You just enjoy teaching.

4. Don’t work for a huge impersonal company that doesn’t care about filling your schedule. Stop driving from house to house and all around the GTA. Don’t work on the sales floor of a retails store! Instead, sit in our beautiful studio and get paid even if your student does not show up!

5. Teach the next generation of great musicians. You can make a difference! At Toronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge, we expect a lot out of our students. By having high standards, we are accomplishing great and exciting things. We select top musicians who are skilled at working with children and adult students. Our families are assured of the highest quality experience when they enrol with Toronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge. Maybe their next teacher will be YOU!!

toronto arts academy staff

Very Caring... Thinks highly of his staff

“The owner is very caring towards the staff and is a great boss. I worked for another school before where the owner was terrible with business. Sometimes it would take weeks to get paid. Not here. Very skilled at what they do, runs the business very well, and thinks highly of his staff.”

J.M., Voice & Piano Teacher


• Manage all billing, collection of fees and payment plans for students • Purchase books for your students – no spending hours at the music store or worries about getting reimbursed! • Provide a new teacher orientation support program, as well as access to online development resources. • For contracted teachers who convert to employees, we provide bi-annual teachers training and personal development meets, sick pay, vacation pay, and health benefits! • Recruit all students, assign you as their teacher, provide their orientation and care for their registration process • Support you 100% in your teaching • Provide you with students in a beautiful studio environment • Provide advertising and student recruiting • Pay you each month by direct deposit • Provide you with complimentary cutting-edge training for our voice program.


• Teaching schedule through the summer
• Agreement with Academy Policies
• Professional attitude and appearance
• Prepare students for our twice annual performances
• Demonstrate care and concern for your students musical growth

Our unique Teaching Methodology

Our diverse faculty incorporate a wide range of educational methods to ensure you are challenged while keeping your learning fun!

Group 19@2x

Individualized Programs

While some schools enforce one musical curriculum and agenda, we do not. Our teachers draw on a range of curriculums while customizing each one for every student. You are not cookie-cutter and your musical experiences shouldn’t be either.

Explore Your Creativity

There’s more to creating musical experiences than reading notes and playing “right”. We encourage our students to go further. By learning to more fully embody and express their own unique character, they tap a much more important life-skill: Authenticity. 

Group 18

Blended Learning Formats

Students learn best with an array of learning formats that challenge them to incorporate their learning in new ways. Our academy incorporates both private lessons and group learning within our students own age groups, so you’re always meeting other students, and partaking in many ways within our musical community!

Academy Background

School Background

Toronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge are privately owned schools that were founded in 2000.

We are the fastest growing music teaching school in the GTA with over 600 happy students attending weekly classes. Our students are a blend of kids and adults.

We realize that many of our students may not necessarily become professional musicians, bu through learning music we can become strengthened, expressive, and dynamic members of society. We provide a fun but educational environment with a well organized administrative team and first rate equipment and facilities.

Committed To Finding The Best Music Teachers

Many of our drum teachers have toured the world playing professionally and understand the needs of the pop/rock music industry.


Comparing Teaching At Our Academy

As music teacher you can either teach privately in your house or in student’s homes, or you can teach in a music store or school – both have upsides and downsides. If you teach in your home or in student’s homes, the upside is you can keep all of the money you charge to the student. Since you have no expenses like rent, a receptionist or advertising you do not have to pay out a percentage to overhead costs. There are also downsides of teaching in your home or your student’s homes. It can be hard to keep your schedule constantly full with new students. Getting a full schedule can be difficult and expensive if you have to run classified ads or small newspaper ads. Even if you are a good, well-liked teacher, it can take a long time for referrals and word of mouth to fill your schedule. If you are driving to student’s houses you also have to factor in the driving time between students which limits the amount of teaching you can actually do.

The other downside of teaching on your own can be the difficulty in enforcing your attendance and payment policies. No one likes being a collection agent. It can be difficult to concentrate on your teaching while trying to keep track of who owes money and to make sure you are paid.

If you are teaching on your own, it can also be difficult to enforce your teaching policies and have your time respected. For example, if a student tells you they are going to Disney World for the next two weeks, it can be difficult to still make them pay for their lesson time. Many students will refuse to pay for those missed lessons because they will think: “I’m not getting my lesson so why should pay?”

Chances are you can’t book another student in that lesson time for just 2 weeks, so if you don’t charge the student in Disney World, you have just lost 2 weeks of pay. If that scenario happens a couple of times per month it can greatly reduce your earnings.

Now let’s look at teaching at a music school. The downside is you don’t get paid as much per student. Teaching rates that in-home teachers and music schools charge are usually pretty similar. So the pay per student to the teacher is lower because of rent, instrument expenses, receptionists, advertising, taxes and other expenses. The upside can be having a consistently full schedule of students each day. Being paid a little less per student but having 10 or 11 students in a day will mean you earn more overall.

Another upside to teaching at our music school is that you do not have any collections hassles. You only have to focus on the teaching. Also, our music school provides a professional educational environment that is stimulating to the students. It is also free from distractions found in a home such as ringing phones or doorbells, TVs and noisy family members.
Those are the general differences between teaching on your own and teaching in a music school or store.



The team is amazing! You just have to experience it.

The team is amazing! You just have to experience it, from the front desk to coaches to admin staff – everyone is super positive, smiling and helpful. I absolutely love this place! My coach Galen is amazing, I have only been practicing for a year and I already sound SO MUCH BETTER! Not to mention his support through performances and tests. If you are looking for a place to develop your artistic skills – you found it!

Asia Nebesnaia

More Reasons To Teach With Us


1. A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible:
Over the course of the year, students can move or quit. This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule. Most students register and start lessons in September. Most music schools only advertise in late August and September for new students.

At our school we spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing year round to keep our teacher’s schedules as full as possible. Each year we spend thousands on advertising through internet, yellow pages, direct mail, community publications and other media to constantly attract new students. We are continually registering new students for our private music lessons even during typically slower registration months like May or June.

2. Extras are taken care of – your only responsibility is to teach:
We have full time front desk administrators to handle all of the “details” of teaching. From scheduling to collecting fees or arranging an accompanist for recitals, these details are handled by our administrators not the teacher. This means the teacher is free to focus on teaching and not get bogged down by administration.

3. Your time is respected and you are paid whether or not students show up:
Teachers are paid for lessons whether students attend or not. If a student misses classes for school trips or holidays, the teacher is still paid. There are scheduled make-up workshops throughout the year and these are taught as group lessons. If a student does not pay for their lessons or has an uncollectible debt, the teacher is still paid. Our priority for our teachers is to make sure that your time is not abused and your teaching day can be as productive as possible…

We are very selective in who we hire atToronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge. Potential teachers go through a detailed interview process, a live musical performance review, a criminal back-ground check, reference check, school observation, and a meeting with our Administrative Team. Our Director, with over 20 years experience, personally makes all of the hiring decisions atToronto Arts Academy & Singer’s Edge.

We invite you to look at the posted Faculty Biographies in our lobby. You will be amazed at the vast musical experiences that are represented at our School. You can’t help but notice the years and years of music study, lessons started from when they were very young, hours and hours of practicing, as well and honors, awards, performances, famous groups and performers they have played with, master classes they participated in around the world, scholarships and competitions they have won, scads of recitals and concerts performed at professional music halls, as members of cruise ship bands, country club and restaurant gigs, churches of all denomination, bluegrass festivals and big band jazz groups – just to mention a few!

Our teachers care about their students and delight in seeing them develop into intermediate and advancing independent musicians. They are vibrant, brilliant, personable, and encouraging. They will impart to you all that you are open to learn from them. We have a great location, and wonderful facilities, but we believe that it is our Faculty that will draw you here for years to come.

Our teachers have received their education from prestigious institutions such as: York University, Humber College, Berkley College of Music, University of Toronto, Musicians Institute, and more.

Many of our instructors have gone on performance tours of the Canada, US, Asia and Europe and have years and years of professional performance and teaching experience.

In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly, so they get to get to know each student and their parent on a personal level.


Singer's Edge Students Performing