Winter Performance 2015 @ Rivoli

Winter Performance 2015

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Winter Performance 2015 @ Rivoli
December 13th

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Set 1 – Full Band Performances

  1. Background Vocal Group – Hallelujiah, Jeff Buckley version, BGV’s, Nevon
  2. May Salem – Sandcastle Disco, BGV’s, Joanna
  3. Christine Ates – Taking Chances, Glee version, BGV’s, Lizzy
  4. Harper Bennett – Almost Is Never Enough, BGV’s, Joanna
  5. Indigo Esmonde – Midnight Radio, BGV’s, Joanna
  6. Kristina, Indigo, Amanda – Hey Ho, Lennon & Maisey version, LA, BGV’s, Lizzy/Matt/Joanna
  7. August Malabre (Kevin) – I Wish
  8. MK Piatkowski – I Put A Spell On You, Annie Lennox version
  9. Mihan Han – Always With Me, G major – from A major, Joanna
  10. Mark Bowen – Love Will Tear Us Apart, Bush version, Matt
  11. Micha Goddard – Hotline Bling, Sam Smith version, Joanna
  12. Mykah De La Cruz – Funny, Tori Kelly version, LA, Nevon

1:15pm – 1:45pm – Break/Change Stage

1:45pm – 2:00pm – Set 2

  1. Margaret Dantas – Natural Woman, BT, Joanna
  2. Sorcha Taylor – Spoiled, Joss Stone version, LA (piano), Joanna
  3. KYRIS Music – Chasing Cars, LA, Joanna
  4. Megan Dunlop – Yours, Ella Henderson version, LA, Joanna

2:00pm – 2:30pm – Set 3

  1. Regina Wang – Big, Big World, BT, Matt
  2. Mary Lynn Trotter – Can I Have This Dance? Anne Murray version, BT, Matt
  3. Emma Linnea Lepri – Stupid Love Song, Original, SA, Matt
  4. Sarah Van De Berg – Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin version, LA, Matt
  5. Alice Yin – Blank Space/Style, TBD, LA, Matt
  6. Herman Wong – Radioactive, LA, Matt

2:45pm – 3:15pm – Set 4

  1. Tenzin Dhondup – Photograph, Ed Sheeran, SA, Matt
  2. Gabriella Mallia – Devil’s Backbone, LA, Matt
  3. Ryan Feldman – Something Digital, Tranky Lowe, LA, Matt
  4. Rachael Haley (Mensch) – Blank Space/Style, TBD, LA, Matt
  5. Kevin Pentz – Clay Feet, LA, Matt
  6. Gabriella Santos – Give Me Love, Demi Lovato, LA, Matt

3:30pm – 4:00pm – Set 5

  1. Jamie Hanslo – If I Ain’t Got You, BT, Nevon
  2. No Match (Joshua Waithe) – I’m On Fire, Original, BT, Nevon 
  3. Caj Flow (Anthony Johnson) – Immigrant Flow, Original, BT, Nevon
  4. Siva Suresh – We All Try, BT, Nevon
  5. Lorand Kis – Mirrors, LA, Nevon
  6. Sandeep Multani – Can’t Stop, Andrew Kong on guitar, and Arthur Weitrzyk on bass, LA, Nevon
  7. Mike Halferty – And It Stoned Me, SA, Nevon

4:00pm – 4:15pm – Set 6  

  1. Megan Hughes – My Baby Just Cares For Me, a capella, Lizzy
  2. Katie Liu – Someone Like You, BT, Lizzy
  3. Danielle D’Souza – Hallelujah, Alexandra Burke version, BT, Lizzy
  4. John Conley – SA
  5. Deepika Mahadevan – An Original Song, LA

Planning Before The Event:

  • We’ve included a web invitation flyer that you can download and send to your friends and family, or share on social media.
  • If you’re performing with our live band, you should will be contacted regarding rehearsals scheduled for sunday, dec 6th.
  • The performance will be at The Rivoli Back Room
  • The address is 334 Queen Street West, on the north side of Queen across from Steve’s music store. The entrance to the back room is located on the ground floor near the washrooms at the back.
  • TTC: You can access Rivoli from the spadina streetcar and exiting at queen, or the university subway line exiting at Osgoode station and walking west about 5 blocks.
  • Driving: Paid parking is available both on queen st, and on a paid hourly parking lot just east of the venue adjacent to Soho St.
  • Please Arrive at least 30 mins before you are scheduled for your set-block. For example: if your set starts at 2pm, please arrive by 1:30.
  • Timeslots have been assigned according to coach. You will share your set with other performers who are with the same coach as you.
  • The show is FREE for friends and families to attend. Invite as many people as you wish. If they venue is full and your set is over, but there are not enough seats for friends and family of other students during sets after yours, please be kind and give your seat to the families and friends of those performing during the running set. There will be breaks between each set for everyone to shuffle and regroup.
  • There will be prizes!

When you arrive at the event:

  • For performers, please check-in with our front desk at the event which will be located in front of the sound booth, so we know you’re there.
  • If you are first to perform in your set, please be backstage 5 mins before the beginning of the set.
  • If you not first, and are scheduled after another performer, when the person scheduled before you is about to take the stage, please go behind the stage via the hallway to the right of the stage and wait in the dressing room, so you’re ready to go on when the performer before you finishes.
  • Please show everyone your full support with enthusiastic applause. This means a lot to all the performers.
  • We encourage you to support the venue by purchasing food and drinks from the bar!

Good luck! Let us know if you have questions.