Q: Wait a minute!! Isn’t singing supposed to be EASY?

A: Yes! Singing IS VERY easy – but only when the mechanism has been properly developed and tuned through the RIGHT training.

In fact, the success of a good voice training system should be built on simplicity: Learn to coordinate an even voice across your entire vocal range.

An even voice (a relaxed larynx, and moderately closed cords) is likely an already natural phenomenon for you during speech. But for singing, you need access to a much wider range of dynamics and pitches. In order to acquire those greater degrees of vocal cord tension further in a balance, sensible voice lessons help you to build and maintain an even voice across all of your entire 2, 3, or even 4 or more octave vocal range. This way, you will have a naturally rich voice full of overtones, leaving it optimally healthy and in it’s naturally flexible state, so you can continue to experiment in any style you choose – and have a GREAT time doing it!

SLS: Speech Level Singing Toronto LogoTo help you find and maintain your even voice, you need only do 2 things on every vowel, across your entire vocal range.:

  • Keep your vocal cords *moderately closed* (no breathiness, yet no excessive cord pressure/squeezing either), and
  • have a laryngeal position which is flexible (doesn’t ride up and engage muscular interference on high pitches, or dip down on low ones),

Unlike the breathing mechanism, and thus probably why so many voice teachers try and teach singing as if the voice is in the stomach, the vocal cords in your throat can’t be seen. Nor can the voice be balanced by telling the student to “put” the “sound” somewhere. Such training advice can be ruinous for voices and do not teach the singer balance. With little understanding of how to engage the singer into the correct balance between the vocal cord and breath pressure across their entire range and on all vowels, excessive breath pressure can be disastrous, and the singer has no chance of reaching their potential, never-mind any possibility of singing safely.

At Singer’s Edge, although advice on style or genre may be offered, vocal coordination to enable your vocal potential remains emphasized. By learning how to find balance, you can live in the muscular freedom you only dreamed about, remaining free to explore your voice as you choose.

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