Voice Technique Coaches

Voice Technique Coaching

We believe that voice technique and vocal style require different, highly specialized voice experts. Our innovative modern voice training system developed by our studio is the ONLY one adopted by some of the world’s most respected musicians & musical institutions. You will learn:

  • How to develop a strong low (aka chest voice) voice
  • How to develop a strong high (aka head voice) voice
  • Why you experience musical and artistic limitations experienced by many singers.
  • How to get rid of strain
  • How to smooth out cracks
  • Dramatically extend your range
  • Uncover and tap your unique vocal timbre
  • To belt without strain!

The causes and solutions to being unable to sing effectively between your low and high voice are almost universally misunderstood, but at our studio, you will receive the equivalent of more than 2 decades of voice training expertise in delivery voice lessons that successfully focus on this very problem. To learn more about voice technique, visit our voice lessons method page.

Fees: Private Coaching is available as part of our lesson plans.

To Register: Email office@singersedge.com with your preferred day/times of day.

About Our Coaches: Our Director has been referred to as one of Canada’s top vocal coaches. He has worked with Polaris and Juno winning artists having developed a professional reputation for speeding up the vocal abilities of singers in Pop, RnB, rock, soul, gospel, and musical theatre. He has clocked 20 years of voice training experience having been a Los Angeles regular with the most in-demand celebrity voice coaches Dave Stroud and Seth Riggs for years. His broad, ongoing research into vocal pedagogy, performance, and voice science, combined with his ability to connect with the unique needs of his students, puts him on the frontier of modern vocal development. He specializes in creating practical solutions for complex vocal development processes to help singers empower themselves and support their artistic vision. Our work was distilled into a book for singers called The Singer’s Instinct, an easy-to-understand guide towards developing great, contemporary singing skills.