A wonderful master voice teacher who I’ve worked with in the past has recently turned me onto the devotional music of India. Upon the first hearing, and still even now, I am struck by the beautiful, passionate surrealism of the sound. The singing is nothing other than transcendent; in terms of the singers awareness, they are somewhere else and there is no way it could be otherwise.

It would appear that the singer who seeks this kind of passionate connection for their song, must dial into a different sort of effortlessness, in order that they may give themselves entirely over to it. But where does it come from?

Interestingly, a podcast about meditation revealed this to me today:

Meditation is not something you can do… It is impossible to meditate because meditation is a state you must allow yourself to move into; but by force of will, you cannot enter that state. Therefore the idea of meditating, of doing something to get somewhere is ridiculous. Because meditating is the opposite of doing. Meditation is just being, consciously just being… No doing involved, no effort. Just an awareness of being.

In this case, and in most cases of incredibly complex music, this type of singing requires years of rigorous, formal education. Nevertheless, there is an instantaneous synthesis taking place between the experience of the singers as herself, and herself as experiencing the other.

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