Performance File Upload

Video Submission Checklist:

1) Create a nice background, free of distractions & noises, 2) Record in a well-lit room with light source in front of you, not from behind you. 3) Record and submit high-definition video 4) Shoot your video in landscape mode. 5) Record a few seconds before and after your performance. 6) Introduce yourself and your song. 7) Smile, have fun, and enjoy your moment to shine! 8) After recording, please do not add graphics, titles, or lyrics, to your video. 9) Share the video with your teacher in addition to submitting here.

Backing Track Submission Checklist:

1) Please ensure the backing track is of high quality. 2) Don’t allow a click track to play through the track. 3) Make sure the track doesn’t start or end abruptly. If it does, add a fade in/out to the beginning and/or end so it’s smooth start and finish. 4) Please edit out any long introductions, long instrumental sections where there is no singing/playing, and long outros. 

Students & Teachers Please Note:

Please rename your files before upload using the following format: