The 5 Best Open Mic’s in Toronto For Singers

Are you ready to take your singing skills to the stage? Our city is lucky to have tons of musical open mic nights across the city for new artists to showcase their talents. Check out The 5 Best Open Mic’s in Toronto For Singers below! 

The Painted Lady 

When: Monday Nights at 8 

The Painted Lady open mic is a supportive and fun place to take the stage! The club sports a full backline of instruments, a dedicated sound person and encourages singers to collaborate with musicians. 

The night starts off with a featured artist playing a short set, followed by the open mic which goes till late. 

Handle Bar 

When: Tuesday Nights at 8 

Handle Bar boasts a popular open mic with a keyboard, amps and drumset available for use! Located in this heart of Kensington Market, this hip club is a fantastic place to take the stage! 


When: Sunday Nights at 7 

One of the most popular open mic nights in the city, “Freefall Sundays” have been going strong for years. This open mic also utilizes an online signup which can take some of the nerves out of an open mic for first timers. 

Free Times

When: Tuesday Nights at 8

One of the oldest and most famous folk clubs in the city, Free Times open mic is a smaller room which can be great for new performers. Most performers are solo here and accompany themselves here. 

Taco Taco 

When: Thursday Nights at 8 

Taco Taco’s open mic is fun and community based! The staff set up some speakers and instruments inside the restaurant and the performers let it rip! It is a comfortable and non-intimidating place to showcase your musical talents! 

Tips For Your First Open Mic 

Find Out What The Sign Up Process is Like

Some open mic’s have their sign up in person, and performers need to arrive early to get a spot. Others do theirs online. Find out what you need to do before heading out! 

Decide How You Will Accompany Yourself

It is more common at open mic’s for singers to perform while accompanying themselves or with a fellow musician. If possible, see if you can find a way to have a live musical accompaniment rather than performing to a track. 

Relax and Have Fun!

The open mic community is very open and supportive. There is nothing to worry about! 

Be Prepared to Share Your Social Media with Other Performers

Open mic’s in Toronto are a fantastic place to network and connect with like minded artists. Chat with folks!

Closing Notes 

If you’d like to work on your musical skills before hitting the stage contact us today! Our schools are home to some of Toronto’s best musicians and educators!