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Coaches and staff are always supportive, friendly, and helpful. A relaxed yet highly informative learning structure which moves at the student’s own pace. Singer’s Edge has helped me so much in my musical and vocal development; I highly reccommend
I highly recommend this place! I have been cursed with a terrible voice, but always had an overwhelming desire to sing. I am very happy I started to take lessons after resisting for 30 years. After some extended time
For anyone seeking a better singing voice I would highly recommend this place and I would highly recommend Christian to teach you. All the staff are very friendly and communication was very easy.jay kim
Everyone was super kind and welcoming. It helped me not be so anxious about trying to do something I have always wanted to but never did because I was self conscious, especially being that I am older. You are
As an intermediate level guitar player, playing both rhythm and lead, I decided after many years, on a whim, that I wanted to sing with the various ‘fun’ bands I played in. Playing Blues, Rock, 60’s to 2000’s. Anything
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