Singers Hydration And Health

Water. Over 2/3’s of the world is covered in it. Scientists tell us we slithered out of lives in the sea ourselves before we had legs some billions of years ago. Even today, our bodies are, yes, pretty much all water. The moon pulls the water in and out of our rivers several times a day, and if it can pull the rivers suddenly downstream, then you can bet that the moon will play out it’s magnetism on us too.

That’s just science. So if the moon can play tricks on the planet in ways we don’t pay much attention too, imagine how much our bodies rely on water to provide even the most basic functions.

Staying hydrated is crucial to staying in top vocal condition; the mucous lining of your cords are the last parts of your body that will attain balanced hydration (after the more vital function of your body have been attended to first).

Then think about this: What is the difference between someone who drinks 4 glasses of water a day, and someone who drinks 8? You don’t have to be scientist to form your own hypothesis about that. Staying hydrated keeps you sane, safe, healthy and feeling better.

Bear in mind, guzzling 8 glasses of water over the course of one or two sittings is NOT gonna keep you hydrated either. To make the most of it, carry a bottle with you and sip consistently throughout the day. Make it a habit!

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