January Classes

[text_divider type="single" more=""] January Singing Classes Pre-Registration [/text_divider] [column width="1/1" last="true" title="" title_type="single" divider="false" implicit="true"] We will be opening registration on Monday December 9th from 1pm--4pm and closing registration Wednesday … Read more about January Classes

Voice Technique Coaches

Voice Technique Coaching We believe that voice technique and vocal style require different, highly specialized voice experts. Our innovative modern voice training system developed by our studio is the ONLY one adopted by some of the world’s most respected musicians & musical institutions. You … Read more about Voice Technique Coaches

Vocal Style Coaching

Vocal Style Coaching Our vocal technique coaching maximizes your voice to work it's best, but our vocal style coaching addresses the issues you face with actual self-expression. In these exciting, fun coaching sessions, you payday loans online / payday 2 / payday advance online / payday 2 wiki / … Read more about Vocal Style Coaching

Weekly Gig Night

Weekly Gig Night Feeling overwhelmed by all the shows happening in Toronto? Want to see gigs, but don't know where to go, or start? Well, let us decide for you! Every week, we hand pick a fantastic local show in Toronto and gather up a troup of Singer's Edge members to check them out. Our coach … Read more about Weekly Gig Night

Training Room Tour

Training Room Tour Our training room is a treasure trove of undiscovered resources waiting to be discovered. On Thursday August 29th at 6:30pm, we will feature our first Training room tour. You will learn about all the great things you can do in our practice rooms including: Practicing Mic … Read more about Training Room Tour

Finding Backing Tracks

Finding Backing Tracks Alot of students have asked me how to find backing tracks for practice, and/or for bringing to their own performances. Bear in mind that you can use tracks on youtube and sing along to them as much as you like, no problem. However, unless you purchase your instrumental … Read more about Finding Backing Tracks

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