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Learn The Technique Used In Our Voice Lessons

Problems Singing The Way You Want?

Have you ever noticed that you can’t express yourself through voice the way you want or need?
Our innovative modern voice training system developed by our studio is the ONLY one adopted by some of the world’s most respected musicians & musical institutions including:

What makes our program perhaps the best in the world? We have discovered and mastered the latest developments in the most vital aspects of singing and made them easy to understand for singers! With our specialized coaches, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 4 key areas of the Singer’s Edge Program:

Voice • Musical • Personality • Practice

“This is the only singing technique that has added value and improvement to my vocal ability.”

– A.J, Alt/Rock

We understand that all vocal problems are rooted in imbalanced transitions between the low (aka chest voice) and high (aka head voice) parts of your vocal range, in addition to musical and artistic limitations experienced by many singers. Many singers in our program receive training in all areas of the Singer’s Edge Program, however, many choose to focus exclusively on their voice technique.

How well you can sing between your low and high voice without going breathy, straining or cracking determines how strong and free your voice can grow as a whole. The voice lessons you study should give you the tools to overcome these unnecessarily common issues.

The causes and solutions to being unable to sing effectively between your low and high voice are almost universally misunderstood, but at our studio, you will receive the equivalent of more than 2 decades of voice training expertise in delivery voice lessons that successfully focus on this very problem.

The secret, to our voice lessons, as you will discover, lies in a concept called Voice Tuning. 

Vowel Tuning is the skill of adjusting the acoustic spaces in your throat and mouth to better align with the most efficient pitch harmonics that produce the most desirable sound.

If that sounds complicated, it’s ok! Our voice lessons are based upon over two decades studying singing technique so you don’t have to think about science. Our custom designed exercises will do the work for you!

  • You get to experience the immediate results of our exercises making voice lessons easy and fun!
  • You will benefit from the use of these time-saving singing techniques gathered from years of work alongside the top international vocal coaches in the music industry.
  • In your voice lessons, your voice will be continually assessed.  We will help you discover and balance the low and high parts of your voice together to reveal one powerfully strong, modern sounding singing voice with no breaks.
  • By applying the techniques from our voice lessons, you will discover vocal range you never knew you had, and you will learn how to sing correctly to support and build your distinctive singing style.
  • Sing across your complete vocal range, often 3 to 4 + octaves in developed singers with great confidence and vocal power, often after only one or two voice lessons!
  • Our unparalled training and highly focussed voice lessons will continue to grow with the fastest, most up-to-date techniques from the world of voice to help you to uncover even greater potential and your unique style.
  • Our Voice Lessons adapt to your unique needs and desires!



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