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Record Your Songs & Share Them With The World!

Let us guide to towards writing and producing your own songs in a welcoming recording studio designed just for singers!


Dedicated Expert Music Producer

Our in-house producer is not only an expert vocal instructor, he is a skilled producer. You will feel relaxed and confident when you join forces to craft your first song!


Acoustic & Digital Instruments

With our blend of acoustic instruments and digital production, the sonic world is your oyster! Build your killer back beat, or ride the rumble of our upright piano. It’s all yours to explore! 


Designed With Singers In Mind

There are many challenges for singers when it comes to songwriting and recording. We can help you get to your goals while getting the most of your singing at the same time!


Excellent guidance for songwriting, and artistry

Singer’s Edge is a supportive environment that provides many ways to improve and engage with your own artistry. The instructors that I have worked with have provided me with excellent guidance and encouragement, and have given me different perspectives about singing, songwriting, and artistry. The two teachers that I have worked with have been a great match for me personality wise and have pushed me to improve as an artist.


What makes Us Different?

At Singer’s Edge, everyone from the front desk to your chosen teacher cares about you and your music journey to ensure you reach your goals. 


Music Production Benefits

Recording your own songs brings your unique voice to life and take your singing to the next level!

Starting Recording

We have all you need to get a great recording. Just bring us your ideas, and we will help bring them to life.

Your First Session

At your first sessions, we will establish what your goals are for production, and create a plan!

Various Production Styles

No matter what sound you're going for, we can create the perfect soundtrack for your creativity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our music production below:

How much are recording sessions?

We always suggest starting with an initial consultation so that we can get a better idea of what you are looking to do with your project, and whether we are the right for you! Contact us for our current rates.

What if I’ve never recorded before?

I’ve you never written or recorded a song before, that’s ok! That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve got everything you need to get create and get your ideas down on paper and turn that into beautiful music. 

If you’re new to songwriting and recording, you might want to explore some of our free group classes which help you foundations on you how to create your own online platform and write your own songs!

When you get started with your first recording session with us, we will guide you step by step so you feel very comfortable and supported through this exciting, creative process.

What if I’ve never written songs before?

Songwriting can be as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like to make it. No matter what style you’re going for, we’ve got the right coaches to help guide you in crafting or improving your own songs. Our music production and recording sessions guide you to put any of your songwriting ideas into actual songs, and finally into finished recordings. 

Don’t worry – we’ve got you. 

Where do you start writing songs?

There are many ways to start writing songs. Quite often, many songs are started as idea “nuggets”. These nuggets can be ideas that start as a title, as a lyric idea perhaps read in a magazine, perhaps a rhythm you hear in the rumbling train tracks on your daily commute, or it could be a series of notes that you think could make an interesting section of a melody. All of these are potential starting points for your song that you can continue to add to to create full sections (verse or chorus) and then crafting the full song. 

Some songwriters start with a groove, a riff, or a beat of music that they feel inspired to sing to, and build out their song structure from there. 

And some writers try all of the above to keep their ideas fresh. It doesn’t matter how you start, as long as you start, and keep going till you’re original idea is fleshed out fully and finished! 

No matter what your preference is to write, we’re here to support your vision, your style and your goals. We’ve got you.

How long are your recording sessions?

Our recording sessions can be anywhere from 1 hour to a full day of 8 hours or more. It’s up to you, the needs of your project, and how well you can manage what could be a long singing session. We usually suggest 1-3 hour recording sessions for most people so that you can sustain enough energy to be properly focussed on your creative project! 

I have songs written. How will you help record them?

We’d love to help with your written songs! We will talk with you how you want to structure the backbone of your songs such as the rhythmic makeup, your songs sections, the instrumentations, back up vocal harmonies, any effects you’d like on your main vocal line, any musicians you’d like to bring in, and any other bells and whistles that will be important to bringing out the full dynamic range of your song. 

Do you have to be "good" to produce your own songs?

You don’t have to be or do anything when you record with us. We just want you to be yourself, and we will take care of the rest. 

While we’re talking about what’s “good”, everyone has their preference when it comes to what they enjoy listening to, so it’s not possible for there to be only one kind of “good” sounding songs or singers. We suggest focussing on the feeling of what you want to create, and let your voice, and your producer take care of the rest. Let your songs take on a life of their own, and you’ll discover more than you knew was possible. 

Dedicated Team Of
Music Professionals

Our team are carefully selected for their educational background, professional experience, and their warm personalities.


We Guarantee the Best Music Industry Professional For You.

With over 30 carefully selected music teachers between 2 locations, we guarantee to have the best teacher match for you! We aim to provide a great experience for you and your family, or get your money back.

Excellent at creativity during songwriting.

Professional and friendly. Your staff put their hearts into their work and authentically care about the people they are working with. They bring a great deal of creative and business insights into our discussions. Excellent at motivating you into expanding creativity and view during songwriting. Thank you.

- Caelen Wolfe