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Preparing For Your First Piano Lesson With Us

Sometimes new students, especially beginners, often get nervous before their first lesson. It can seem like a daunting and unfamiliar experience. But you have nothing to fear. We’ve created this guide to help better prepare you for your first lesson with us!


What To Prepare

You are welcome to record the session on your own smartphone. You might also want to think about:

  • What aspects of your piano playing you’d like to improve on the most (it’s ok if you don’t know!)
  • Is there a verse and a chorus of a song you feel comfortable playing (although you won’t have to play it if you feel you’re not ready)to demonstrate your ability?
  • What your goals are for your piano playing?[/column]

5 Things To Expect During Your First Piano Lesson

  1. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly and supportive front desk staff.
  2. You will then meet with your assigned coach and discuss your history, desires and goals for piano lessons.
  3. After learning about you, we usually jump into an assessment that demonstrates your strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. We will then discuss how to create the best training regime for you and your goals to get you on track on your journey.
  5. At the end of your first lesson, if you’re interested in taking out a piano lesson plan, our front desk team will make sure to book you a preferred slot with your assigned piano coach so we can set you on your journey. We usually do a good job of assigning you a specific coach that matches your needs, but if you feel like you’d to take lessons with other coaches, let us know! You will also have the option of registering for live band performance events, whenever you’re ready.


What You Might Discover!

In order to develop your voice the fastest, you may expect an emphasis on the initial lessons in giving you:

  • a basic knowledge of piano
  • customized systematic exercises to condition your hands and fingers for healthy and efficient playing
  • progression and application of exercises to songs

For more experienced players, be prepared to:

  • have a song ready that shows off your strengths
  • chords or notation for songs you want to work on

To book a lesson time visit our request info page.

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