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How Our Voice piano and guitar Lessons Work

Piano Lessons


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How Our Piano Lessons Help


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With our piano lessons in our downtown toronto location, you will gain you a unique advantage: You will learn all the best piano methods and techniques relevant to contemporary music styles. You have the choice of using our standardized program unique to our school, or customize your piano lessons to adapt to your interests and needs. You can also take advantage of our unique reward and development program for our students taking piano lessons! Some of the advantages of studying with us include:


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  • Expert Piano Coaches.
  • Contemporary Piano Styles.
  • Learn Control & Coordination.
  • Learn To Accompany Yourself!
  • Relieve Finger Tension.
  • Learn Music Theory
  • Read Music Notation & Chords Charts
  • Learn Chord Inversions
  • Learn A Variety Of Comping Rhythms
  • Learn Major, Minor, Suspended & Extended chords.


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  • Piano Coach Experts.
  • Pop/Rock/R&B Piano Focus.
  • Private & Group Lessons.
  • All Ages & Levels.
  • Supportive Community.
  • Develop Confidence.
  • Explore Your Creativity.
  • Discover Your Own Style.
  • Perform With Our Band.
  • TTC & Hwy Accessible.


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We make sure the training you get here is the best in the world. In your private lessons, you can expect to benefit from a highly focussed training plan and vocal technique that is tailored for your goals and needs.


Suggested Frequency Of Piano Lessons

  • Depending on your goals and/or requirements, a private lesson with a minimum of 1 half-hour lesson a week is suggested to maintain fast, consistent progress.
  • Some students come for lessons every other week, depending on their availability, budget and goals.
  • Some students with time or professional commitments may come twice or more a week for lessons to ensure rapid progress
  • The frequency of your lessons is up to your own commitment, time availability, and budget.

Almost all students notice improvements in their playing after just the first visit… so be prepared for an exciting experience!

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