Microphone Technique For Singers: Our Top 5 Tips

While it is a known fact that singers almost always use microphones while performing it is an often overlooked skill. Just as singing requires practice and experience so does proper microphone technique! In this article we will go over our top 5 tips ways to look and sound your best using a microphone on stage! 

1. Confidence and Fluid Movement

Microphones are sensitive pieces of gear! Quick and rough movements will cause them to pop and rumble, which can be distracting and annoying to both the band and the audience. Whenever you are moving the microphone, for example removing it from the stand or maneuvering it for visual effect, confident and fluid movement is key. Keep things smooth and slow and you will avoid any undesirable sounds being transmitted through the speakers! 

2. Holding The Microphone Properly 

Just like musical instruments, microphones come in many different shapes and sizes. Often times you as the singer have no control over what microphone you will be using at a performance. Thankfully, microphone technique for handheld mics is always the same! 

When performing keep your hands on the shaft of the microphone and away from the grill. Placing your hands on the grill will cause strange distortions and phasing effects that can sound harsh and poor quality. 

3. Using Correct Microphone Proximity  

Microphones pick up the sound of our voices in order for them to be heard loud and clear. In order to do this well they are very sensitive! Because of this singers must be aware of the volume they are singing at and adjust the microphone accordingly. 

When you are singing loudly pull the microphone back away from your mouth so the sound doesn’t distort. When singing quietly bringing the microphone closer to your mouth so your voice can be picked up and heard clearly. This is optimal microphone technique!

4. Staying In The Moment Without Causing Sound Issues 

While performing it can be easy to get lost in the moment! While this can often be a fantastic thing, try to remember that you are still using a microphone! 

If you are walking around the stage remember to avoid pointing the microphone at the monitors or speakers as this will cause terrible screeching feedback! 

While clapping or waving your hands, remember not to hit the microphone or move it abruptly as this will cause annoying pops and rumbles! 

If your microphone is corded remember where the wire is so you don’t get tangled up and trip! 

5. Communicating With The Sound Person 

When performing live there may be sound issues than you want adjusted mid concert. It is important to know where the sound person is located, and if possible you should communicate with them before the show and go over some basic signals for setting levels! 

Ideally, you want your communication and signals with the sound person to be subtle so they don’t interfere with the audiences perception of the performance! 

Great sound is a huge part of having a great performance so don’t overlook it! 

Bonus Tip: Singing With Wireless Microphones 

Wireless microphones can be amazing for live performance as they allow you to move about the stage with freedom! When using one, remember the same technique rules apply! Keep your hands on the shaft of the microphone and do not cover the antennae at the bottom of the mic as this will cause the signal to drop in and out! 

Closing Notes

There you have it! We hope this article provides you with more microphone confidence! For one-on-one performance coaching with some of Toronto’s best singers contact us today!