May 2020 Newsletter


Performance Update!

We are so excited to announce our next performance! Nothing is going to stop us from enjoying how amazing our students have been and their dedication to music, creativity and expression! 

Our next performance will be in the format of a virtual broadcast, where we will be live-streaming pre-recorded performances of our students!

This is a great opportunity to create the perfect performance of your song with as many takes as you need. No live stage pressures!

Step One: Register!

No pressure! Not everyone has to participate but we highly encourage it as it provides such a wonderful experience and this one will be recorded for the books to remember! Registration will open before the end of this month. 

Step Two: Preparation

Choose a song with your teacher! Once that’s decided, they’ll be preparing you to record a performance on video. You’ll be using a backing click track that we’ll pay for students to use! That’s free of charge for you but it’ll make sure the audio quality will be amazing once edited.

Step Three: Practice Makes Progress

Practicing is always key in building confidence for performance time. We have a lot of bonus classes for you to use and get more feedback on the song you’re working on. 

Step Four: Recording Time!

This performance is going to be a new experience! There won’t be the pressure of performing live on the spot but it’ll create a wonderful opportunity to record a solid performance. Consider it more like making a video for an audition! Find a nice place or angle to record the video. We also recommend recording during a lesson so your teacher can help you adjust and take a few tries. All videos must be submitted by July 17 so we can edit your video for broadcast!

Step Five: Sit back and Relax!

Our team will get to editing each video. It’s going to be streaming live so make sure to tell all your friends and family! We’ll have links for everyone to share and live streaming will be on August, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd. Your teacher will also be watching at the time of your performance to share in your experience!

Since many of our students are starting to return to daytime commitments, we have moved two of our group classes to a slightly later time to accommodate that!
How to Accompany Yourself on Piano & Guitar has been moved from Fridays @ 4:30pm to Fridays @ 5:00pm
effective Friday, May 15th, 2020 Building Confidence Class has been moved from Tuesdays @ 3:30pm
to Tuesdays @ 5:00pm
effective Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 Group Class Schedule You can find full descriptions of our group classes online! STUDENT SPOTLIGHT
Gustavo is our Student Spotlight for May!

Every month we highlight one of our students and the progress they’ve made in our monthly newsletters. This month we turn the spotlight to our extraordinary student Gustavo! He’s been a student of ours for 8 months, and has been showing amazing dedication and progress in his lessons with Coach Ashiya! Coach Ashiya’s May Playlist
A collection of tracks from various artists that Coach Ashiya put together for our students to enjoy this month. Give it a listen!



NEW Zoom Tips:

Make sure these 3 settings are turned on in your settings to maximize your audio quality. You can find these in the “Advanced” section of your Audio Settings. (Available on laptops only)

  1. Suppress Persistent Background Noise should be set to “Disable”
  2. Suppress Intermittent Background Noise should be set to “Disable”
  3. Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone should be selected.
  4. When you close your settings box if you see a box saying “Turn on Original Sound” in the top left of your zoom screen, make sure to select that.
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Many of our students come to us through referral, so we have an awesome program that rewards you AND the student you referred! Once your referral signs up you BOTH receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Feel free to contact the front desk for more info.

Student Links

We know our students have busy schedules. That’s why we provide most of our scheduling services online to save you the time of calling in and waiting for our front desk staff to assist you!
Bookmark these links on your phone for easy access!
Early Cancel Online Submission Late Cancel Online Submission Make-Up Lesson Booking Site Group Class Schedule Online Practice Scales Singer’s Edge Spotify Playlist
Our Singer’s Edge Playlist is comprised entirely of present/past students and our diverse teachers! What better place to find a collection of true Toronto sound.

David A.
Keith A.
Sophia B.
Charlotte B.-S.
Madelaine C.
Matthew D.
Stephanie D.S.
Sandra E.
Jason F.
Yu F.
Pablo G.
Benjamin G.
Eric G.
Amal G.
Joshua H.
Lesley H.
Sean H.
Hope J.-R.
Gavin L.
Edwin L.
Niki L.
Liz L.
Marissa L.
Olivia M.
Radha M.
Jaydeep N.
Alivia N.
Akosua O.
Bernice O.
Eric P.
Angie P.
Gregory R.
Sheri R.
Katryna R.
Blake S.
John S.
Christina S.
Vida S.
Naima S.
Barry S.
Anya W.
Michael Y.
Kevin O – May 3rd
Adam B. – May 6th
Gracie G – May 6th
Rachel T – May 7th
Lola O – May 9th
Kristen D – May 10th
Salvador GM – May 10th
Dallas N. – May 10th
Katie L – May 12th
Murugha S – May 16th
Jason F – May 18th
Duncan S – May 20th
Thivy S – May 20th
Mike J – May 21st
Nancy C – May 23rd
Angelo A – May 24th
Catheryn M – May 24th
Jim K – May 24th
Ashmit P – May 25th
Yunan S – May 25th
Khaled S – May 26th
Leneque W – May 26th
Jacob W – May 29th
Pedro C – May 30th
Aleksandr M – 4 Years
Theresa H – 3 Years
Aina G – 3 Years
Richard O – 3 Years
Jamie C – 2 Years
Matt M – 2 Years
Elliott G – 2 Years
Jessica L – 2 Years
Reymark A – 2 Years
Kyle T – 1 Year
Christina M – 1 Year
Evan D – 1 Year
Mamta S – 1 Year

Coach Waiting List

Many of our teachers are sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for May or June, send an e-mail to Or you can call the office at: 647-347-7464

Aijia 1 SPOT
Ashiya 1 SPOT
Lennox  1 SPOT
Tiz 1 SPOT 
Sherisse SOLD OUT
Galen 2 SPOTS
Christian 2 SPOTS
Shi 1 SPOT
Alvaro 1 SPOT
Tara 1 SPOT
Michelle SOLD OUT
Marshall 1 SPOT
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