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Marco Galloro – Oct 25, 2013.

Marco Galloro is an aspiring vocalist working with Singer’s Edge to reach his goal of becoming a professional recording artist. Marco is also helping other young artists through their development with his very own company Planet Gold Media, a full-service solution for the modern artist providing recording, branding and consulting services. You can connect with Marco on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@marcogalloro / @planetgoldmedia) or visit

I’ve been singing for about 4 years now. My musical background is primarily in Rock, although I enjoy and take elements from Dance, Classical and even Metal. Some of my favourite rock artists are Linkin Park, Metallica, and Tool, and some of my other favourites include U2 and Coldplay.

My biggest issues before I came into training at Singer’s Edge were straining and pulling my chest voice, and not having a balanced / connected voice through  my whole range.

I noticed Singers Edge on Youtube, and felt an immediate connection to their style of teaching. I also felt like my now coach had a very similar style and personality to myself. When a good friend of mine from the group “My Darkest Days” also referred Singer’s Edge to me, I decided to sign up without hesitation. I love my experience here. I’ve been through countless professional voice coaches in the past, but nothing compares to the level of development I’ve experienced with Singer’s Edge.

“Singers Edge goes far beyond singing… Since studying here, I’ve completely evolved as a singer, and as a person.”

Marco-Galloro-on-singers-edge-lessons-6Singers Edge goes far beyond singing, and that’s why I think they are the number one choice for vocal development in Toronto. Singer’s Edge gives you all the tools you’ll need to achieve success as a modern artist, including free group classes and specialized workshops. The team supports and motivates you to become the best you can be, customizing a vocal regiment specifically for your unique needs as a singer. His book “Singer’s Instinct” has also played a major role in my vocal development, I think it’s a must-have for every singer.

I primarily write and perform original material. I have definitely seen an improvement in my range; I’m now able to nail difficult notes with confidence, which I was unable to do before. I am definitely more comfortable singing a wider range of more challenging songs now. My ability to improvise on-the-fly has also drastically improved since becoming a student with Singer’s Edge.

Before coming to Singers Edge, I had a significant amount of on-stage and studio recording experience. However, I would strain with a high larynx and tons of tension on my swallowing muscles. It was an effort to sing, and I couldn’t concentrate on the emotion and delivering the song because I was so focused on my physical singing and what I sounded like. After just a few months, the tension and strain were completely gone, and singing felt as easy as talking, which is how it should be. Now I can fully concentrate on the emotion and delivery of the song, which is the most important task as a vocalist.

“Now I can fully concentrate on the emotion and delivery of the song, which is the most important task as a vocalist.”

Marco-Galloro-on-singers-edge-lessons-3 Since studying with Singer’s Edge, I’ve completely evolved as a singer, and as a person. I was so self conscious of what I sounded like, now I’m much more comfortable with my voice and singing in front of others on demand. Singing is now an expression of my soul, rather than just a sound I create. Every song I sing is an expression of myself. That unique identity and self-expression is what defines every successful singer as themselves and sets them apart from the crowd. It’s not about being the best singer in the world, it’s about being the best “you”.

The most important lessons i’ve learned so far are to not get discouraged, to forget what others think, to practice as often as you can, and most importantly to have fun! I guarantee you’ll see dramatic improvements to your singing just by sticking to those 4 principles. I always used to struggle with practicing, because I’d get discouraged when i didn’t sound like the voice I pictured in my head. That was completely the wrong approach. By not worrying about being “good enough”, you are freed from all limitations. I try to practice singing at least 1 hour a day, and I perform as many shows as I can. Practical on-stage experience is a also major element of artist development, and often proves significantly more beneficial to an artist than practicing alone at home.

The biggest word of advice is this…Nobody becomes a superstar overnight; and once you accept that there’s nothing wrong with being at your current level of development, you allow yourself to work harder to get to where you want to be. It’s extremely important to have fun, and enjoy every step of the way, and eventually you WILL get to where you want to be…and it will be the best feeling in the world. But the biggest payoff is looking back on how far you’ve come as a singer, and as a person.

“The biggest payoff is looking back on how far you’ve come as a singer, and as a person…”

In order to shed your nervousness and build unbreakable confidence, you really need to change yourself as a person and dig deep down to tackle your limiting beliefs and insecurities. Meditation and self-improvement techniques have proven extremely beneficial to finding my inner self, and have played a major role in my development as a singer and as a person. However, the more technical ability you obtain as a singer, the more confidence you will naturally achieve.

The most important aspect of Singer’s Edge which really sets them apart from the others is their extra group classes, specialized workshops and “Singer’s Instinct” book. I have participated in both group classes and specialized workshops, and my experience with both has been phenomenal. They really give you the upper hand with all the inside tips and tricks a professional artist requires to succeed in today’s music industry.

I plan to continue singing and training with Singer’s Edge until I can out-sing my teacher, and become a vocal coach myself. My future plans are to become a professional recording artist, and hit number one in the world. I believe there is no dream too big, and you can do anything you set your mind to. I also eventually plan on helping other young artists achieve success through the development process with the knowledge and experience I have gained through my own personal development.

“I believe there is no dream too big, and you can do anything you set your mind to.”

I would definitely recommend Singer’s Edge to anyone aspiring to become a better singer than they currently are, from beginners to professionals. The Singer’s Edge program is more than “vocal lessons”; its a community and a hub for aspiring vocalists and artists in Toronto. It’s a positive environment for growth, success and support. It truly feels like a second home to me. I am very grateful for Singer’s Edge and what they have created within the Toronto vocal community.