If you looking to give your vocal and/or career development a major boost this boost, you need to join me at this highly sough-after event in Hollywood in July. I will be teaching the Vocal soundcheck class and I’d love to have you there with me.

The week long program will offer personal mentorship by industry pros, daily performance opportunities with a live band, celebrity performance, vital industry networking and connections and a host of other benefits. You will also receive private 1-1 training with industry recognized VIP voice experts. 

Check out the program here: Vocalizeu.com/events

VUAI Class Schedule

You will also learn how to:

   •    prepare for National TV show auditions
   •    max out your potential in our vocal soundcheck class with me!
   •    get your role on the musical theatre stage from Wicked’s Musical Director
   •    tap the secrets of writing hit songs with our hit songwriter
   •    get most out of modern publishing deals through our music industry experts
   •    develop your background singing skills for studio recording with an industry recognized session vocalist
   •    develop your own signature vocal style
   •    sing with expressive jazz styling
   •    build your own band.

If you are a voice teacher, you will receive training that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.  You will learn how to:

   •    identify acoustic changes in the voice with an intl renowned voice science Doctor
   •    align the voice for optimal effect through subtle changes of vowel shapes with
   •    hear formants and adjust their alignment to more optimal overtones
   •    use the primary tools more effectively and efficiently
   •    use formant tuning to correct virtually any vocal issue fast
   •    connect to your student on a deeper level that will earn you their trust and loyalty

If you would like to attend, use this link to register, and make sure you reference my name so you can receive a FREE ticket to perform on the all night open mic night – a $400 value. Make sure you book asap because time is running out!

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