June 2020 Newsletter

There are less than three weeks left until recordings of performances are due to be submitted, and we are loving all of our submissions so far!

If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time! 
Step 1: Register Below

Step 2: Talk to your coach in your next lesson to download your karaoke backing track that includes an intro-click track which will make it eligible for submission. (If you have a live accompanist, or are self-accompanying, this is not necessary for you)

Step 3: Record your video in landscape while wearing headphones, so that we can hear your voice but not your backing track. HOWEVER you must leave the headphones unplugged so the intro click track is heard on your video, so that the editors can use that to sync your video with your backing track.
Step 4: Submit your track and video to front desk. We will be mixing the videos and tracks together to create an awesome live streaming experience

Step 5: Tune in on your live streaming date in August to watch yours and other student’s performances!

This is a great opportunity to create the perfect performance of your song with as many takes as you need. No live stage pressures! Register Here
Anthony Lazaro is our Student Spotlight for June!

Every month we highlight one of our students and the progress they’ve made in our monthly newsletters. This month we turn the spotlight to Coach Matt’s extraordinary student Anthony Lazarus! We asked him some questions to learn more about his experience at Singer’s Edge:

How long have you been a student at Singer’s Edge?
Wow, I think it’s 3 years and a half!

What have you been working on lately in your lessons?
We try to focus on the new singles or songs I’m working on. Iron out the issues, perfect the enunciation, solve nasty vocal issues, something rewrite the lyrics that are not behaving phonetically 😉

What do you like about our school?
Everyone is always been super nice to me and Matt is a great teacher, able to adapt to my weekly shifts of genre, song and issues. I cover a lot of ground stylistically so that can mean checking a pop song I wrote together, thinking the enunciation on an R&B ballad or making my head voice a little fuller for my latest folk song 🙂
Check out Anthony’s Spotify page for all his latest releases!


Many of our students come to us through referral, so we have an awesome program that rewards you AND the student you referred! Once your referral signs up you BOTH receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Feel free to contact the front desk for more info.

Student Links

We know our students have busy schedules. That’s why we provide most of our scheduling services online to save you the time of calling in and waiting for our front desk staff to assist you!
Bookmark these links on your phone for easy access!
Early Cancel Online Submission Late Cancel Online Submission Make-Up Lesson Booking Site Group Class Schedule Online Practice Scales Singer’s Edge Spotify Playlist
Our Singer’s Edge Playlist is comprised entirely of present/past students and our diverse teachers! What better place to find a collection of true Toronto sound.

David A.
Keith A.
Sophia B.
Charlotte B.-S.
Madelaine C.
Matthew D.
Stephanie D.S.
Sandra E.
Jason F.
Yu F.
Pablo G.
Benjamin G.
Eric G.
Amal G.
Joshua H.
Lesley H.
Sean H.
Hope J.-R.
Gavin L.
Edwin L.
Niki L.
Liz L.
Marissa L.
Olivia M.
Radha M.
Jaydeep N.
Alivia N.
Akosua O.
Bernice O.
Eric P.
Angie P.
Gregory R.
Sheri R.
Katryna R.
Blake S.
John S.
Christina S.
Vida S.
Naima S.
Barry S.
Anya W.
Michael Y.
Andrew P – June 1st
Siobhan S – June 1st
Sandra L – June 2nd
Hannah T – June 2nd
Marco Y – June 2nd
Xiomara M – June 3rd
Linda P – June 3rd
Jessica T – June 3rd
Frank J – June 5th
Arash S – June 5th
Olivia M – June 6th
Kelly S – Jun 8th
Alejandro F – June 10th
Jeanette O – June 10th
Laura F – June 12th
Marcela G – June 12th
Benjamin H – June 12th
Melat G – June 13th
Hassan N – June 14th
Miki T – June 16th
Matt Z – June 19th
Chitra U – June 20th
Michael Y – June 20th
Dana I – June 21st
Josh H – June 22nd
Alexander M – June 22nd
Sheri R – June 22nd
Mediterranee V – June 22nd
Thea M – June 23rd
Yiyang T – June 23rd
Jason Z – June 23rd
Michelle H – June 25th
Camille L – June 28th
Bryan N – June 28th
June L – June 29th
Alex G – June 30th
Brandon K – June 30th
Kevin F – 4 Years
George W – 3 Years
Mark W – 1 Year
Nicholas L – 1 Year

Coach Waiting List

Many of our teachers are sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for June or July, send an e-mail to office@singersedge.com. Or you can call the office at: 647-347-7464

Aijia 1 SPOT
Ashiya 1 SPOT
Lennox  SOLD OUT
Tiz 1 SPOT 
Sherisse SOLD OUT
Galen 2 SPOTS
Christian 2 SPOTS
Shi 1 SPOT
Tara 1 SPOT
Michelle SOLD OUT
Marshall 1 SPOT
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