July Newsletter | New Voice Student Open House

Current Students:
Do you have friends or family who have been looking to get started with singing or music lessons? Looking for some company onstage with your friend at our next performance? Send them to our Open House this Wednesday, so they can try out a mini-lesson for free! Remember if they sign up, you both get a $25 gift card!

New Students:
If you have been thinking about starting music lessons and want to take the next step, come to our Open House
Wednesday, July 31st from 5-8pm
and see what makes us Toronto’s #1 Music School!

From complete beginners to established musicians, we provide customized private lessons, free group classes, and free performances for all!
Come and check out our award winning Singer’s Edge Academy this Wednesday and you’ll get:

• A free mini-lesson with one of our amazing teachers!
• Free snacks
• Tour of the academy
• Lesson SAVINGS
• Giveaways and more!

Admission is free and walk-ins are welcome! If you’d like to guarantee your free mini-lesson spot with one of our amazing teachers, RSVP NOW with the link below:

RSVP to our Open House HERE

Student Links

We know our students have busy schedules. That’s why we provide most of our scheduling services online to save you the time of calling in and waiting for our busy front desk staff to assist you!
Bookmark these links on your phone for easy access!

Early Cancel Online Submission
Late Cancel Online Submission
Make-Up Lesson Booking Site
Group Class Schedule
Online Practice Scales
Yearly Lessons Calendar

Tuesday, July 30th: Closed For Lessons (5th Weekday)
Wednesday, July 31st: Closed For Lessons (5th Weekday)

Monday, August 5th: Open For Lessons (Non-Statutory Holiday)
Thursday, August 29th: Closed For Lessons (5th Weekday)
Friday, August 30th: Closed For Lessons (5th Weekday)
Saturday, August 31st: Closed For Lessons (5th Weekday)

Spotted @ Singer’s Edge

Follow us @singersedge on Instagram for daily photos and videos.

Singer’s Edge Spotify Playlist
Our Singer’s Edge Playlist is comprised entirely of present/past students and our diverse teachers! What better place to find a collection of true Toronto sound.

Niki A.
Renee A.
Adam B.
Mary C.
Temmie C.
Rosie C.
Renan D.
Lisa F.
Jane G.
Paul G.
Andre G.
Gurpal H.
Julia H.
Frank J.
Irene J.
Maria K.
Laurentia K.
Doran K.
Sophia L.
Carmen L.
Kelsey M.
Nina M.
Rafe M.
Antonio N.
Catherine N.
Deanna N.
Emily N.
Christian O.
Melinda R.
Seth R.
Olga S.
Janice S.
Kelly S.
Thivy S.
Jennifer S.
David S.
Jessie T.
Gabriel U.
Nipun V.
Katherine V.
Jaden V.C.
Stephanie W.
Lara W.
Mila Z.

Scott C.
July 1
Jasmine K.
July 1
Yogie M.
July 3
David S.
July 3
Haruki T.
July 3
Shalayna A.
July 4
Anthony M.
July 5
Alesia A.
July 6
Nadia M.
July 14
Caroline P.
July 25
Eliza V.
July 27
Rosie C.
July 4

Willy A. – 4 Years

Ellen S. – 4 Years

Alina S. – 3 Years

Shreya G. – 2 Years

Diane C. – 1 Year

Jillian M. – 1 Year

Adaeze C. – 1 Year

Alicia A. – 1 Year

Lanndis L. – 1 Year

Haruki T. – 1 Year

Bridget L. – 1 Year

Kendra L. – 1 Year

Coach Waiting List

Many of our teachers are sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for July or August, send an e-mail to office@singersedge.com. Or you can call the office at: 647-347-7464

Lennox  SOLD OUT
Paul 2 SPOTS
Matt 2 SPOTS
Chris 2 SPOTS
Aijia 1 SPOT
Galen 2 SPOTS
Joanna 1 SPOT
James 1 SPOT
Michelle 1 SPOT
Marshall 2 SPOTS
Sherisse 2 SPOTS