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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How much is it?

All of our fees are laid out in our lesson plan and fees section.

Q: When are you available to give lessons?

A: We teach 7 days a week! We are open Monday to Friday from 9am-9pm, as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm. Our studio is very busy and our students tend to stay as part of our family for quite a long time. We do have a waitlist for many of our popular lesson times. Once we find you a regular time that works however, we can assure you that your time is always secured.

Q: How long will it take before I see improvements? 

A: Right away! We have never worked with a singer who has not noticed significant improvements in their singing at their first lesson. BUT it’s up to you keep those improvements consistent with regular lessons and steady practice. Just like the old saying goes: “How do you get to Carnegie Hall???? Practice. Practice.”

Q: Where is your studio located?

A: The studio is near the southeast corner of king and spadina in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. The exact address is 5 Clarence square, Ground floor, Toronto. There is more info on the location page of our website.

Q: Who are some singers I might know you’ve worked with?

A: We have worked with a very diverse range of contemporary singers such as those on rotation on major radio stations (Alyssa Reid and The Weeknd), Juno nominated artists (Hollerado), Award winning shows (Gisele’s Big Backyard) and headlining and opening acts for national and international tours (My Darkest Days for Nickelback).

Q: Why should I take lessons at Singer’s Edge?

We don’t want to be a sour-sally towards other voice teachers. But we have to admit that most students find they learn more here than they did years of study elsewhere. And it’s fun! You can learn more about what makes our lessons different in Our Voice Lessons section.

Q: What are the voice lessons like?

Terrifying!!! Just kidding. The lessons here are focused, but they are also enjoyable, relaxed, and supportive. You can learn more about what your first lesson will be like on our first lesson page.

Q: I’m not very good. I just sound bad. How much can you help me?

There could be a million reasons why your voice isn’t glowing yet. And some people learn more faster and easily than others. But rest assured, each student we work with sees improvements and enjoys the process. We also have created a comprehensive academy program that builds singing skills from the bottom up so anyone can learn. AND you get rewarded at each level you achieve!

Q: What style of singing do you teach?

We are a contemporary singing studio and so we tend to work on pop, rock, indie, r&b, soul, country, folk and other similar styles, although we treat and balance voices for most styles of singing. We often find that the first step for any style of singing is ensuring your voice is working right. So one of the things we also specialize in, is hearing and making technical adjustments that have tremendous power to set your voice free.

Q: I’m a complete beginner. What will happen to me?

You are going to fall in love with singing! Learning here is fun, easy and totally stress free… When students come in for the first time, they are immediately put at ease when they meet us and walk into the welcoming vibe of the studio. If you’re a beginner, we have a page on our website just for you.

Q: I’m a working singer. What can I expect?

Our first priority is to make sure you are getting what you need to reinforce your unique sound, and feel strong and confident onstage. We will look at what you want to get out of your training, and create the best and most direct way to achieve that. You can learn more about how we work with performing singers here.

Q: How do I practice?

We are proud to provide practice tracks available for free to our students, in addition to tips from your teacher oh how to make the most of your practice for your unique voice in between lessons. However, we can adjust your practice regime to match the specifics of your unique needs, goals, and time available.

Q: How frequently should I have lessons?

It has been proven that regular weekly lessons keeps you focussed, challenges your voice so growth doesn’t become stagnant, and keeps you on track to reaching your goals significantly faster than those students who don’t have regular lessons. At the gym, your body needs continuous challenges to maintain growth momentum and develop consistently. So does your voice! But ultimately it’s up to you.

Q: What’s the best teas and/or lozenges to take for my voice?

We’ve often been asked what you can drink if your vocal cords are feeling dry or irritated. Some have asked about lozenges, throat sprays, tea, gargles – we’ve even heard of a singer who had been advised to drink olive oil before they went onstage! To understand why these don’t work, we just need to briefly refer to basic voice physiology.

Your “air pipe” (trachea) where your vocal cords are and your “food pipe” (esophagus) which all liquids and foods pass through are two entirely different mechanisms in your body. Your air pipe and your vocal cords within them are only designed for airflow – nothing else. This means that it is impossible for any products to provide direct relief to your vocal cords – aside from perhaps coating, albeit briefly, the inside or back of your mouth. If you need to get more hydration to the vocal cords themselves, you will have to provide your body with optimal hydration throughout the day. 

Q: How do I improve as quickly as possible? 

If you are looking for expedient vocal development, it’s important to note that sometimes voice training takes time. However, we have many students who take 2 or more sessions each week for more frequent practice, and faster development. Speak with the front desk if you are interested in additional lesson times to see what is available.

Q: I have a question I don’t see here

We have the answer! Send us a message through the contact page (link below), or contact our Front Desk Coordinator at 1-844-SINGING. We are all really looking forward to helping you along!

Toronto voice lessons

To learn more about YOUR voice, book a lesson! We’d love to hear from you! As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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