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Experience the world’s best voice training and get on track with regular lessons.

Enjoy Free Group Classes

With some plans, you can book a free weekly group class to boost your skills

Enrol On Our Certificate Program

Enrol on our free program creating a structured path for your growth.

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Complimentary Group Classes

We offer a range of optional, complimentary weekly group classes that run in tandem with  your private lessons to give you a complete learning experience in a fun supportive community. Choose from our performance class, harmony and group singing, kids youth class, and our making music class.

Our Curriculum & Academy Program

One of the things that make our academy truly powerful is our amazing vocal academy certificate program, licensed for use by other music schools around the world. Unique in Toronto, it provides a step-by-step tracking process for your growth that keeps you accountable and on target! Receive awards for each level you complete. All of this is offered complimentary to our students.

Complimentary Performances

In addition to our complimentary programs above, we also offer complimentary twice-annual performance registrations to help you gain the performance experience you need in a safe, supportive environment. Our performances are for all levels and all instruments. Parents and friends can come watch you perform for free as well!

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