How Singing Lessons Build Confidence Faster Than Other Activities

Confidence is one of the most important things to have in life. Without it everything is exponentially more difficult, because not only do you have to battle the challenges of whatever it is you are attempting, you also have to battle yourself. 

Balancing your vocal personality as a singer

While the creation of confidence can be a more involved issue for some, a great way to begin to build it up is by taking voice lessons. 

How does music help with confidence?

Music is a performative art. It requires discipline and focus just like sports, yet sheds the notion that one has to be better than anyone else; instead, one just has to be better than they themselves were yesterday.


Singing lessons at Singer’s Edge focus on developing and celebrating everyone’s unique characteristics. This, along with the inherent personal expression of vocalizing allows for an inner growth and singing confidence that comes from the reflection tied into practice and performance. 

But don’t you have to be born talented to sing?

The importance of talent and natural ability differs with who you ask, but the tangible proof of persistence and work ethic cannot be refuted. If someone decides they want to learn how to sing better, and they practice and take classes consistently, they will improve and grow their singing confidence. With this comes a feeling of personal accomplishment that luck or fate did not provide; the singer knows that their skill is due solely to their own hard work. 

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Isn’t singing in front of people scary?

As with any intricate subject, there will be moments of frustration and disappointment, from not being able to comfortably hit a high note, to having a big performance go awry. All of these things test a students perseverance and emotional flexibility. All of us who have done this long enough have been there at some point, and it takes a hefty amount of emotional courage and tenacity to get back up and continue forward. 

With this being said, the feeling of success when a concert goes great, or the gratification that comes with finally finishing a difficult song is an experience like no other. It is something you did, and you can now show and offer the world. 


At Singer’s Edge we provide our students with the free opportunity to get up and sing in front of their peers every week at our performance class. This is a great way to break the ice and start to get the nerves under control. Beyond this, we hold a full school concert every 6 months at a beautiful theatre, the perfect way to show off all that you’ve learned.  

There’s nothing better for personal development than facing your fears, so what are you waiting for? Come by and say hello!