Historical Testimonials

lizloughreyBest training I've ever experienced! Within my first few lessons, I had accessed a whole other dimension of my voice that I didn't even know existed. He has created an open learning environment where I feel comfortable trying new things and exceeding my limitations. He genuinely cares about the improvement of his students and provides incredible opportunities for them to grow. If an "Edge" is what you're looking for... Singer's Edge is the place to be.

- Liz Loughrey

SO glad I found Singer's Edge! Everyone here is fantastic. I was nervous before showing up and thought I might feel a little intimidated, but that quickly disappeared once I arrived. Everyone is kind and professional and very welcoming. And they really know their stuff when it comes to vocals! Especially Joanna whom I have the privilege of working with.

- Sarah G

Midtown DuoMy first voice lesson brought to light immediate results. He tuned in to my individual voice and was quickly able to tell me what adjustments I needed to make to improve my singing. Not only have the techniques I learned helped me broaden my range, correct my pitch and improve my intonation, but the same techniques have helped me to sing safely through sore throats due to colds. Training has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of performing full time. For this I am truly grateful.

- Midtown Duo, Disney Cruises

Good vocal school downtown. I was thrilled to find Singer's Edge in downtown Toronto. It's got a cozy, friendly environment, which helped me relax and not feel intimidated at all. I enjoy my vocal lessons with Nevon; he is such a knowledgeable and wonderful coach. He makes it possible for me to hit high notes that I didn't realize I could hit! Thank you, Nevon - it's a privilege to have you as my singing coach. Overall, I always feel very welcome here, and I would recommend Singer's Edge to singers of any level.

- M.T.

Great introduction. Was great and the first session left me wanting more, even left me thinking of trying a new genre of music. I discovered there is a clever technique to strengthen my lower notes, not always an easy task coming from a trained classical soprano. The studio is flexible and truly interested with individuals' goals and development.

- Antonia D

Excellent! Everyone I dealt with was professional, helpful and courteous. I am excited to start lessons with Singer's Edge.

- N.C.

brendan marrI don't know what to say, awesome experience in every way. Got a lot out of my lesson and excited for the next!!! thanks so much.

- Brendan M

Gisele's Big Backyard I have to say that I am so so grateful for your help. I’ve never felt more confident as I did this morning when we were in Audio. He said I did a great job, and the Audio technician, whom I’ve worked with many times, and who is a very experienced musician, said that he thinks my lessons with you have made a big difference. He said “you have a new skill”. So thank you. My big bosses will be so grateful too, once they hear the difference.

- Gisele, Gisele's Big Backyard, TVO

Friendly, welcoming. Great place to be at. It always feel very welcoming and warm coming in for lessons. Cozy studio, creative feature of recording all lessons so students can review them at home and further improve. A wide variety of great tips are offered to achieve your singing goals.

- Jennifer Xiong

Alex James I have referred many professional friends and the list keeps growing. Every time I have referred a singer, they call me and thank me for introducing me as he changes their lives by opening up their voices to reach their true potential. He continues to do this with me- always with a smile and open ears.

- Alex James, Pop/Rock, Toronto

Great teaching vocalists. I have been apart of Singers Edge for a couple months now and my voice has progressed more than ever, since my first day.

- Holly Santonato

For every vocalist out there... Whether you are just beginning or simply want to perfect your craft, Singer's Edge is your opportunity to bettering your talent. Singer's Edge has a wide range of unique and skilled vocalists that are ready to help you face your vocal challenges and define the artist you want to become. Call today to book your first session. The lessons will allow you to explore your possibilities at Singer's Edge and make you feel like you are exactly where you need to be!

- Stephanie Hanna

KarineHas helped me improve my range and liberate my voice.

- Karine Ste-Marie, Dance/Pop, Montreal

Don't miss your opportunity. From the first phone call, to the studio tour, to my first lesson. I have to say it is as refreshing as can be. Friendly, inviting,comfotable atmosphere of the studio and techers is remarkable. Getting out of your comfort zone is a breeeze with the more than experienced people you will have the pleasure of working with. Trust me, don't miss your opportunity.

- J.C.

Great School! The teachers are very encouraging and provide techniques on how to improve the quality of your voice. With the purchase of a 1/2 hour per week vocal coaching session you can also attend one group class and I chose to participate in a weekly background and harmony class which I really enjoy. There are also opportunities to perform which is great practice if you're preparing for a performance.

- Vivian

Pastel Supernova I’ve worked with various vocal coaches in the past and he is by far the most comprehensive and approachable voice teacher; he is unique in that he caters his voice lessons to the individual students’ needs. In your voice lessons, will learn how to strengthen and exploit your voice, how to build your confidence and performance while getting a thorough understanding about the Speech Level Singing technique and it’s history. One major advantage you get at Toronto’s 3rd Voice is the recordings of your voice lessons… All that AND he makes it fun!

- Pastel Supernova, Cabaret

Changed my voice for the better. More than a school, this place is a community! I have been singing since I was eight, I am in my twenties now and had no idea that I even needed proper training till I started almost two years ago! His coaching made a night and day difference in my voice. My band members actually saw a drastic improvement in my voice after just two classes. My friends, family and band members continue to express how amazing my voice has become in the past few years. It is only up from here! I've had such a remarkable 3 year journey with Singers Edge so far. My voice consistently keeps improving and I discover new capabilities with it on a regular basis! My critics, band members and friends now say I sound like a professional singer and I couldn't be happier to hear that! If you want to be your best and make some amazing contacts in the local music scene, this is the place for it!

- Deepika Mahadevan

Great Community. Great teachers, good location. Lots of opportunities to perform, improve your singing and ear, and meet other musicians. Also, karaoke every Thursday!

- T.F.

Dominique Voice lessons have been invaluable in developing my singing skills. His personable and friendly approach enabled me to feel in a safe environment to let go and take risks with my singing. The voice exercises he taught me made my vocal development consistent and strong and within a few weeks I felt ready to perform. I use the voice lesson CDs that he makes of each class as a record of my progress and any problems that may have come up in a class, I will listen to them for reference and practice. His keen interest in music and song make his voice lessons inspiring and fun.

- Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, London UK, Cabaret

Really really useful material...and SUPER FUN!!! Nevon was really easygoing and helpful. There were parts where he patiently took his time to help me until I finally got it right.

- Mason Moon

First Lesson. As soon as I walked in he met me with a big smile and called me by name. He listened well as I tried to articulate my goals. I left with specific warm-ups, but didn't feel overwhelmed. I look forward to returning and bringing my students for a workshop.

- Sherri M.

Frances Even though I have been singing for years and my voice is rooted in bad habits, after working with him at Colchester Performing Arts Institute, everyone says my singing has improved noticeably. He gives me really helpful voice exercises and has extended my range enormously. For the first time in my life, I can now sing with ‘vibrato’ which has obviously changed everything. When I have a problem singing a line and ask him for help, he always suggests a new way of approaching it and invariably sorts me out. I am learning to incorporate this stuff into my performances and imagine what he would suggest before I sing a difficult line. He records the voice lessons and burns them onto cd for me so I have something to practice with each week. That has been really helpful and now, I can see the voice training work has really paid off. THANKS!

- Frances Shelley, Essex UK, Soul/RNB

Great Environment. I was really nervous about coming to Singer's Edge as I am a beginner and they are very established, but they proved to be a welcoming and encouraging place of learning. Everyone who works there is awesome and so willing to help you grow. They give you exact feedback and lots of examples to practice and work through. I definitely recommend this place to both beginners and advanced singers.

- Ayesha K.

Awesomeness. Singer's Edge is such a welcoming, and flexible vocal studio community. Singer's Edge teachers are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and challenging. This vocal studio also offers a great variety of group classes some free of cost along with your membership. It is clear the staff work hard to helping each and every student achieve the very best. Highly recommended.

- Amanda L.

CaptiveHe is an incredible, easy-going teacher to work with. He really helped me with understanding chest/mix/head voice & perfecting the areas of my voice I was struggling with through our lessons. I am able to relate the techniques he taught me to the more aggressive vocal styling used in the band I perform with. With his help I now feel more confident as a vocalist, songwriter, & performer. THANKS!

- Neil Brown, Captive Frontman, Metal/Rock, Toronto

Great experience! I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson with Singer's Edge. He is very friendly and so is Maya, the secretary. I will be getting a membership, there. I have already learned so much and was given his very insightful book. The place is also very nice. It's a little hard to find, but worth it!

- Ayesha

Gavin I am so impressed with the results you’ve had in such a short time I’ve begun giving out your number to some of my clients.

- Gavin Bradley, Producer & Artist, Toronto

He is the best! As a beginner lacking confidence, he has made me feel totally comfortable since the first time I walked through his door. He's an excellent teacher and I'm happy to be a member of his studio.

- Jen G.

Amazing. I've tried different vocal coaches but he exceeds them all clearly showing passion in what he does and displaying results in improving my voice. He not only displays extensive knowledge but is able to demonstrate each exercise in an understandable manner allowing me to improve in areas I thought wasn't possible. With patience and an understanding attitude he goes beyond expectations in unlocking singing potential. I'm excited before every session and never leave the same as going in!

- Mark W.

Larenne For two and a half months before rehearsals started, I took voice lessons with him and i can’t tell you what a drastic difference it made in my voice. I had issues with disconnectedness and tonal differences between head and chest and not knowing how to blend them… I came away from that short period of time of voice training work with him, with so much more knowledge, how to practice, so much more consistency and way more confidence. I’m so happy with myself and my employers are really happier with me. Thank you SO much. Can’t wait to see you next summer.

- Larenne Vine, Musical Theater, Toronto

Very Impressed. He quickly assessed me and got me working on exercises to start improving my voice and gave me the session on USB so I can practice at home. I signed up right away for the 4 private classes per month and plan on taking part in the various other activities that are offered with the membership. His passion for teaching is very obvious and I have no doubt that he can get me to where I want to go and quickly too.

- Gwen C.

Great Studio. Every advice he gave me was useful and new for me. He has freed me from my overly conventional singing style and easily straining myself especially when singing high notes. And also I’ve really enjoyed amazing group classes. I’ve learned a lot of new things I’d never heard or experienced before and have improved my music sense. A lack of confidence was always one of my big problems, but he helped me build it up. I’m so happy to be a member of such a great vocal studio like Singer’s Edge!

- Eri W.

Seth Riggs He is an absolutely marvelous teacher… And he’s fast too! He is an excellent musician and has over the years I’ve known him developed a vocal range that extends to well over 3 octaves. He not only plays piano well but is also very much aware of the various musical styles that different vocal performers use. His voice is free and has a large vocal range with a developed ability to sing with ease and fulfill the requirements within any style of music (pop, jazz, r&b, musical theatre). He shows a strong focus towards his voice teaching career and towards various educational capacities for the Speech Level Singing organization. I believe that he will pull into his voice training work the entire musical prowess experienced in his lifelong passionate focus towards his vocal application. He has the ability to combine not only his performance skills, but also his voice teachers mind for musical education. Being a complete musician he will accomplish success by achieving it himself and encourage and support his students in doing the same. He is one of those peculiar pupils who is so in love with his craft that he wants to extend it towards others in anyway he can. It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend him. I myself have been teaching for 52 years, and I must say that he is the kind of voice teacher that we should all be fortunate to be able to work with. If you need any further information, please see my website www.sethriggs.com.

- Seth Riggs, Los Angeles

Great Coaching. He is a great vocal coach. I do a lot of singing and punk type screaming in my upper register. He has really helped me improve my range and sing aggressively in a way that minimizes the damage to my voice. I'm able to sing longer, louder, and more nights in a row on tour without blowing my voice.

- Stefan.

Great start. The space was small intimate and I was made to feel welcome. Being new to formal lessons, the first session introduced me to the program. I am definitely interested in learning more.

Jen M.

Lee-Anne You have been my saviour, my inspiration, my voice teacher for a long time now, and I will forever be grateful to you! You have such a spark and flare for inspiring others that I see and know your success will only continue to grow! You’re a very skilled voice teacher and you’ve helped me to expand my singing knowledge the way I had hoped. I look forward to using every voice lesson while on the road; you’ve helped me so much! See you next year!

- Lee-Anne Galloway, Musical Theater, Toronto

If you want to sing properly, then see this guy! He is an excellent vocal technique instructor, well qualified to assist anyone who wants to master the skills of singing. He is articulate, understanding and passionate, and he can effectively guide the aspiring performing and/or recording artist along the path to career success.

- B.M.

John Henny You immediately struck me as a teacher who really has a deeper understanding of the process…

- John Henny, Master Voice Instructor, Los Angeles

In one lesson I was able to learn more about my voice than I had in 10 years of singing. I'm now ready to unlock the full potential of my voice and can tell from my second lesson yesterday there's going to be improvement by leaps and bounds. He has a way of targeting problem areas and making you understand what you're doing at every step that I've found to be unparalleled. Also, his rates are incredibly reasonable.

- R.H.

The best teacher ever. I look forward to lessons. I look forward to practicing at home. I hear improvement in my voice every week. I ask questions and get answers and my awareness and knowledge is growing. I haven't experienced this with other teachers. I am enjoying singing and learning about singing with him.

- R.C.

Peter When I first started having voice lessons I was feeling low. He first made me feel very comfortable which helped gain my confidence. I feel I have improved and learned so much in such a short time that I look forward to every voice lesson. Each is full of variety and I always feel I am progressing towards my goals.

- Peter Lee Knight, London UK, Pop/Rock

Wow! What an improvement!!! I have been seeing him for only a short while but what an improvement in my voice!! He has really opened it up!! His lessons are directed at my needs and his expertise and patience have made such an improvement in my voice. I would highly recommend him to everyone wanting to free their voice to its full potential!

- Gloria Dempster

He is the best!!! I am a professional singer who decided to have training with him to help me work on some style issues as well as expanding my range and helping me work on some aspects of my own vocal limitations. From the very beginning I felt that he was very attentive to my needs and paid close attention to what I was doing. He is someone who sincerely focuses on the student and his technique for teaching truly is amazing.

- Anet L.

Barbara SauveA Wonderful Teacher, An Amazing Technique. As a previous and very shy "non-singer" who wouldn't open her mouth to sing in front of anybody, ever(!!), I can tell you that now, after my voice lessons with him, not only am I loving to sing, and doing it in front of friends and small groups, but I also now have the courage and confidence to use my voice in Storytelling and many other ways. I find him to be very patient, very compassionate and totally knowledgeable when it comes to voice and technique.Thanks again for another amazing voice lesson yesterday. I’m still reaping many benefits from it — my breathing feels fuller and deeper than it has ever been. I feel much more solid and grounded inside myself. Up til now I have been singing (and living!!) mostly up in my head voice because it sounded “prettier”. With your help and encouragement to move down into my chest voice, I’m finding that making those “not so pretty” sounds feels wonderful and strong and powerful. I can hardly wait to just “dive in” to these voice lessons. It offers so much more than just singing songs. I keep coming back because developing and freeing my voice is very important to me and his personality and way of teaching makes this a comfortable and fun experience.. One of my goals is to be able to help other people who have been vocally repressed. I am also incredibly excited about getting an in depth understanding and experience of singers and songs that I have loved. I really love the “detail” work in my lessons with him of getting to know the rhythms, the pitches, all the cool little details of songs that I was never aware of before. These lessons actually help me appreciate the musical genius of my favourite singers in a way that I never have before. My voice definitely is stronger and more expressive now.

- Barbara Sauve, Vocal Workshop Leader, Toronto

Great Teacher. He was able to help me identify what I wanted to learn about, and then tailor the lesson toward that specific goal. He has a way of explaining complex ideas in simple language that is easy to follow. His patience and positive attitude make the lessons extremely comfortable. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants to become a more confident singer.

- Spencer M.

FANTASTIC!!! He encourages and guides vocal growth without hindering but improving your own style and confidence in singing. He has been a great listener on what I'd like to achieve and has taken a positive approach in meeting those goals. I would undoubtedly recommend his technical skills and help in finding your own voice.

- Mykah Dela Cruz

He was able to pinpoint my vocal issues in our first voice lesson. After the second lesson, I spent hours at home singing songs that previously were beyond my abilities!! I had always believed it would take months of voice training before I noticed any improvement. In just three lessons, my range has exponentially increased. Now I’m looking forward to all the years of pleasure I will get from my voice!! I love singing!! Thanks to him at 3rd Voice, my abilities no longer feel ‘random’. Previously I would ‘choke’ at times and not be able to get the sound I wanted out, especially in front of people. By using the techniques from my voice lessons, I can confidently sing with power and range I did not believe I had!

- Jeanette Dupuis, Songwriter, Toronto

Professional, Relaxed and Fun. As a first time student I was nervous as to what to expect, but his friendly manner, constant encouragement and brilliant professional technique soon put any nerves at ease. I was surprised to actually hear improvement in my voice during that first lesson. If you want professional vocal coaching in a friendly and relaxed environment, not to mention a very cool studio, then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend 3rd Voice. The 5 star rating is truly well deserved.

- Lorraine B

Fun and informative. I enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot about how to work on my voice. He explained what songs to pick at this point and how we would progress through different techniques.

- Siobhan H.

Over the past twenty years I have studied under several renowned voice teachers, both in Canada and overseas. Although they were excellent voice teachers, all of them assigned me to a specific voice range, and I was only permitted to do pieces that were within my range. I was continuously told that it was impossible at my age to expand my range. Thus, with my voice not being challenged, I reached a dead end in my music career. That was, until I met him in May of 2007. In our first conversation, he gave me much hope for my music career. He explained to me what Speech Level Singing was, and how the exercises would help me to transition smoothly between bridges. He was clear that with hard work and determination using his voice lessons, I would be able to master each of the bridges, which in turn would give me the ability to effortlessly execute the high notes. When I had asked him to what vocal range he would assign me, he refused to answer. It was not long before the results became evident to me and those listening to me. Within the first couple of months everyone at church started to notice a big difference in my voice. I was able to hold the notes for a longer duration, and my range was quickly expanding. Within six months of continuously practicing with the previous week’s recorded voice lesson, which he provided me with, the results were astonishing. For the first time in my music career, I was able to smoothly enter the second bridge and hit the high notes. My excitement can not be described as the other members of the choir looked at me, asking how I managed to do that. To finish everything off, I would soon master vibrato, something which all my previous instructors worked hard at, but with no success. Without making me lie down on the floor doing an array of pointless exercises, I managed to do what my heart had desired for so long. There are no words which I can use to properly describe the gratitude I have towards him for all that he has done for my music career. In addition to being one of the greatest music instructors I have ever met and worked with, he is also an excellent human being. He is very kind and warm hearted. He works hard with his students and does not allow them to become disheartened when their voices are not cooperating. He gives his students hope to go on. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to study any genre of music. I strongly believe that there is no challenge big enough for him, and I consider myself blessed for having worked with such an awesome voice teacher. Thanks for everything!

- Jim Alibertis, Byzantium Chanting, Toronto

Excellent Teacher. I've been taking singing lessons from him for around a year now. He is the best teacher I've ever had. He has a relaxed manner, knows a tremendous amount about the voice and cares about his students. I highly recommend him.

- Lily M.

He is not only a wonderful voice teacher, but a wonderful person as well. He is very enthusiastic, encouraging, and an experienced voice instructor, also very knowledgable about the music business. I had such a great time studying with him that I’m going to miss him in Vancouver!”

- Camilla Shi, Opera, Vancouver

downloadAfter trying many different styles and techniques I can finally say I found the way to good vocal technique. His positive attitude and charisma, his in-depth know-how and energy are exactly what I was looking for. The studio is so cozy and the way the light comes through the window is so inspiring, the whole ambiance, amazing. I came to the right environment and the right person which will help me gain that elusive confidence in my voice. If I lived in Toronto I would be there have voice lessons every other day!

- Carlos Zappien, Zappien Frontman, Montreal/Canada, Pop/Rock

I just wanna say Thank-You so much for being my voice teacher over the last year. It really has been the starting of a journey for me and I can only put that down to your teaching methods and voice lessons […]Technically and just as a singer I really feel you’ve helped me to take massive strides […]All the progressions kept me working hard and discovering new things. It is obvious how much you want your students to prosper and how much thought and care you put into as their voice teacher. I really can’t thank you enough.

- Ayesha Pike, London UK, RNB

I’ve worked with various voice teachers in the past and he is by far the most comprehensive and approachable teacher; he is unique in that he caters his voice lessons to the individual students’ needs. You will learn how to strengthen and exploit your voice, how to build your confidence and performance while getting a thorough understanding about the SLS technique and it’s history. One major advantage you get at 3rd Voice is the recordings of your voice lessons… All that AND he makes it fun!

- April Woozny, Pop, Toronto

He made me aware of what I had been missing: I was not enjoying singing – I got that back! I had no confidence in my ability – got that back! I didn’t know when I wasn’t using my voice correctly – I do now! He showed me, by using his voice lessons and exercises in Speech Level Singing, that you can accomplish alot. I must say, it has been a joy and a privilege to work with him, and I hope we get the opportunity to work together again soon.

- Layton Plummer, London UK, Gospel

I came to Speech Level Singing (SLS) a bit of a virgin, a bath-tub singer, if you like. So with his informal voice teaching style, was perfect for me… He makes SLS appear quite simple when it’s clearly a dependable and thoroughly thought out system. He tailors the method very carefully to my individual body’s particular needs, getting me to feel the experience of the different ways my body can produce sounds. The endless array of games and tricks up his sleeve makes our voice lessons end up like Dr Seuss’s “Fox In Sox”. He's got a light touch but also an insistent focus. He gives me a fun way to make solid progress in singing and all along – without any special effort and without even noticing it – I’ve made massive strides, particularly in gaining confidence.

- Lawrence Kilshaw, London UK, Broadcaster

His positive affirming spirit and brilliant understanding of music and the voice has helped me conquer all the obstacles in singing that I’ve battled for years. I have been singing principals in west end shows as well, something that has been a lifelong dream of mine. In just under 2 years of voice lessons studying with him, I’ve made phenomenal progress, expanding my vocal range to 4 octaves, building strength in my voice, and giving me the ability and confidence to sing any song from opera to R&B. His lively and friendly persona makes my every lesson a real joy to go to every week. Every voice lesson is fun and relaxing as well as enriching and inspiring.

- Lisa Bender, London UK, Musical Theater

As a software developer, I’ve had extremely limited musical training. Though engineering was my background, singing was my passion. Singing through my breaks was something that I could only dream of before coming to him. Not only did he assist me in developing proper co-ordination for singing through my bridges, but he was also very sincere and complete in responding to all of my questions regarding SLS and how the voice works. In just three voice lessons with him, I was able to sing into my mix. Seeking him for help was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He provides a very casual and welcoming learning environment, but more importantly, he delivers promising results in short time. I strongly recommend him to all because he has worked miracles on me, and I have confidence that he will too for many others. I can’t thank you enough.

- David Lai, Pop, Toronto

I’ve been to many different voice teachers and they always tell me not to use tension when I sing but they never explained how to do this. He explained exactly how the voice worked and taught me excercises to help remove tension from my voice. Within ten minutes he had me singing in head voice, something I had been working at with other vocal instructors to no avail. I would recommend him and Speech Level Singing to anyone who is serious about improving their vocal skills.

- Coleby Pearson, Pop, Toronto

He does a terrific job of zero-ing in on exactly what you need to do to progress and was able to immediately determine the path I need to take. He then presents that in a framework so that you know exactly where you are, what you are doing, and what lies ahead to improve even more. He is also very articulate and communicates his intentions well. He’s fantastic at seeing where I have strength and how to get me to improve in the areas where I am struggling. Recording the voice lessons has been a huge help for me because each time I listen to it I learn something new as I continue to improve. I was able to hear the results within days, and now know that there is a clear and achievable path forward. There’s no wasted time or uncertainty about whether progress is being made or not; which is great!

- Steve, Rock & Pop, Toronto

I cannot thank you enough for helping me to become a strong singer. Being able to sing through the bridges of my voice has made me unique… Without your help, I wouldn’t be in the music industry.

- Joe Han, Producer, Singer & SLS Instructor

You were a huge help with assisting me in bringing out the power and uniqueness in my voice. As I continue to practice, not only have I noticed the drastic change in the sound of my voice, but my entire family has noticed it too and have been very impressed. Thank you very much!

- Mary M., Pop/Rock/Soul

On behalf of my 12 year old son, I would like to recommend 3rd Voice as it is a great school. He has not only taught my son singing but through his patient and caring efforts he has helped my son’s confidence as well. He is very genuine and shows great care for his developing voice. This is important at age when changing voices can make it difficult for young boys to fully express themselves.

- John Muglia, Pop/Rock, Toronto

I’ve just had one lesson with him and already I can see what a skilled Singing Teacher he is. I’ve been so impressed by this man’s ability to diagnose my vocal problems/weaknesses in just one little lesson. In that same lesson he showed me what I need to do to eliminate those weaknesses. And he makes it all look so easy but then I guess that’s the mark of a true professional. He is a real gentleman. I look forward to the next lesson.

- Padraig D

I’ve only had one lesson with him and he’s already gotten me to a register that I never knew I could even reach! He gave me exercises to do at home and I’m already noticing my voice become accustomed to a wider range than before. The recorded voice lessons are also very, very helpful, I love that. He is knowledgeable, very polite and an amazing teacher. Can’t wait til my next lesson!

- Kyle Tran, Pop, Toronto