Life is hard – but singing shouldn’t be! Our goal is to be your guide in bringing out the best, most complete, and free you through our award-winning lessons, unlimited group classes, and complimentary performance opportunities.

Singers-Edge-Members-StudentsWhere did we start? Nearly all of our teachers are highly regarded performing professionals in Toronto with academic backgrounds in classical and contemporary music. We have worked with key music industry figures in Canada and the United States developing a deeper understanding of the voice and while forging new relationships in the music industry. Many of the techniques used in our program are rooted in  Speech Level Singing (SLS), a revolutionary vocal technique that has been used by many of the world’s most respected singers including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Madonna, and many more.

We have also had a hand in co-founding Vocology In Practice, boasting some of the most successful voice coaches around the world including many vocal department heads of prominent contemporary music education institutions. We have served on panels for the Toronto International Music Summit, Songwriters Association of Canada, in live music programming positions for major music festivals helping to book acts such as Deborah Cox, Melanie C, and Kelly Rowland. We are also the originators of the Singer’s Edge podcast show for singers featuring some of the music industry’s most influential figures including singer songwriter, Daniel Bedingfield.

Singing Book But even with our rich and varied backgrounds, something was missing in Toronto. What we realized was lacking, and what most developing singers are lacking, is a comprehensive path of vocal development to follow for contemporary singing. We knew that we needed such a program not only to help our students but more importantly, to help ourselves become even better. The Singer’s Instinct, now the foundation of The Singer’s Edge program, materialized and became a success. It has since become curriculum for many international music departments at universities – even Disney.

We also began to notice that what was really needed was more than a book. Without a place where singers can go to get reliable help, they may spend unnecessarily endless time living years of their life in misery believing they can’t sing, as I did, simply because they couldn’t get the right information and support. We needed a place:

  • With skilled vocal coaches certified in working specifically with the contemporary voice
  • With specialization in the niche techniques I had mastered, but with a range of specialities
  • Where coaches are certified to teach to a very high level as teaching voice proposes many unique challenges that teachers of other instruments don’t have.
  • Where singers can go under one roof and get sound guidance and support, and feel valued.

So 20 years in the making, we have Singer’s Edge. It’s a home – an oasis – where singers can go to feel safe, feel empowered, and have the right tools and opportunities to discover who they are as human beings, and maximize their vocal abilities as singers. It’s right for teenagers, but it’s even better for adults who, like us who at one time may have felt like they have something to contribute, but don’t know how.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. We get you. We can help.

the-weeknd_optA sample of some of our students have included: The Weeknd (International recording artist; Grammy & Juno Winner, Polaris Prize nominee); Majid Jordan (MMVA winner & rising star); Alyssa Reid (International recording artist; Juno Nominee); Hollerado (Juno Winners), and more.

I hope you enjoy our home. Book a lesson with us,  and tell me what you think.

See you soon!

To learn more about YOUR voice, book a lesson! We’d love to hear from you! As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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