Happy New Year!!!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday! In today’s lesson, we will examine how to achieve your goals. If you’re like most of us well intentioned folk, you’ve probably set some hefty goals for yourself for the new year. Especially when it comes to singing, it’s all too easy to fall behind with your routine.

All vocalists have the desire to grow but many of us donʼt have the discipline to achieve our goals all alone. If you don’t keep on top of your practice, you could miss that one shining opportunity you’ve been waiting because you’re voice just wasn’t ready for it.

Think this might be you? Then these programs could be the friends you need! There are 2 programs I’ve started offering that can make a big difference:

1) Study Buddies (FREE!)

What better way to get a helping hand then to have a buddy that can keep you company along the way. A study buddy is another student from the studio who I think might be a good match for the both of you. When you are assigned a buddy, you will both help each other for 2 weeks. What/where/and how you communicate with each other, will be up to the both of you. If you both choose to extend your study together past the 2 weeks, then you are welcome to! This program is free, but aside from setting you and your buddy up together, I won’t be involved in your process.

HOW? To participate, let me know you are interested by replying to this email, and I will look for a buddy for you among others who are also interested. Then I will provide your contact information to each other, and that’s it! However you manage your relationship from that point forward is up to you and your buddy.

2) Power Practice ($60/month)

Power Practice is a new program in association with VocalizeU. Using the revolutionary new VocalizeU app for the ipad (a brilliant all round voice develop app for $40), POWER PRACTICE is a practice monitoring program that gives singers a much needed helping hand.

HOW? I will help you set up a practice schedule and keep it! All you have to do is record your practice sessions in VocalizeU, and send them to me through the app. I will be expecting them from you daily. IF you are interested in this program, let me know by replying to this email.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

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